Handy Provides You with Tips on Staying Safe in A Natural Disaster

Staying Safe in A Natural Disaster


Like most people, you don’t expect to be in a cliché Hollywood movie scene of being stuck in a natural disaster. According to Handy, as we prepare survival kits for natural disasters, we should also prepare ourselves with the right knowledge to stay safe during a natural disaster. Here are a few tips to stay safe in a natural disaster:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Stay in a shelter if you don’t have to evacuate – If you need to evacuate in the event of an earthquake, tornado or flood, it is extremely unfortunate. However, if you can get through a natural disaster without evacuation, then it is best to seek a safe shelter. Depending on the natural disaster, your safe shelter may be the attic, the ground floor, a closet, or even the bathroom.

You may have to take shelter within limited space and have your movement restricted for several days. Hence, it is also important that you grab your survival kit and keep it stocked and ready at all times. Make sure to pack essentials like nonperishable food, flashlight, satellite communication device, first aid, and other necessities in your survival kit.

  1. Operate the generator if it is safe .
  2. Check the satellite communication device and portable radio for updates – You must have a portable radio and satellite communication device in your survival kit. If you don’t have them, then it is best to buy them before you find yourself in a drastic situation. Buy a portable radio that has multiple power sources like batteries, solar panels, or even manual power like a hand crank. It is the most important thing you will need to be powered up most of the time during a natural disaster.

Listen to it for announcements from emergency relief services, authorities, and other sources who are engaged in relief and rescue work. You can also use those devices to communicate with your closed ones. You can’t have those devices dying on you.

  1. Avoid driving till it’s safe – If you had evacuated from your property or taken shelter in it, it might be tempting to check back on your property or on your closed ones who can’t be contacted. It is important that you stay where you are and avoid driving until it is completely safe. You need to be safe before you can ensure other’s safety.


Handy believes that you should follow these tips and be safe during a natural disaster. It is important to be prepared with a survival kit and ration your supplies so that you can last through the duration of the disaster.

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