Hospitality Uniforms And Their Impact On The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality uniforms

Pubs, bars, hotels, spas, etc. all have uniforms for their employees. Ever wondered why? This is because the Hospitality uniforms reflected the image of the brand or the company. It’s vital that the employees are well dressed and groomed. Imagine this; you are at a restaurant where a scruffy looking waiter is serving you with an ill-fitted Hospitality uniform, would you be willing to strike up a conversation with him or give him a tip? No, you will not; this is because Hospitality uniforms can make and break the first impression that the workers may have on the customers.

Some of the hotel Chains provide customized tailor-fitted Hospitality uniforms to their employees. The measurements of each staff member are taken, and then they can choose what kind of a fit they want for their uniforms! These uniforms are often in line with the decoration of the hotel or restaurant to show that you are part of the team. Some local restaurants or hotels may also choose to incorporate some regional dressing styles into their Hospitality uniforms to impress the local crowd.

There are several other reasons why workplaces still enforce uniforms on their employees, and below we discuss some of the reasons:

Hospitality uniforms

  • With uniforms worn, the employees can be easily identified from the rest of the crowd. When you walk into a crowded bar or a pub, you would want to talk to the staff there to get some drinks or a place to sit; you cannot do that if you cannot figure out who the staff is. Uniforms make the employees stand out from the crowd, and when you add name tags to the uniform, it becomes easier for you to remember them and summon them when you need them. You may also end up forging a personal rapport with one of the staff there!
  • When employees wear a uniform, they have this sense of responsibility that the company’s image depends on their actions. One mistake will be detrimental to their career, and hence they measure their every word and action.
  • In restaurants or hotel kitchens, you may have noticed chefs and other assistant chefs wearing aprons, hats, gloves, etc. That is not only to look smart but also to protect themselves from heat, from any burns, scratches, chemicals as well as spills and stains. The uniforms they wear mostly tend to be made of materials that are durable and long-lasting. They also tend to be stain resistant. Apart from that, hygiene is also paramount in the kitchen because food is being prepared there. Girls are often asked to trim their nails, not to wear nail polish, tie their hair back in a bun to prevent any hair strands falling on the food, and also they are asked to use limited makeup. Apart from these, they are also given non-slip shoes to make sure they do not fall and injure themselves in the workplace.
  • Uniforms can bring up the morale of the team and can also promote equality in the workplace. Uniforms make the females feel like they are equal to their male colleagues. This boost in Morales also shows in the way they treat their customers. An outfit makes them feel like one.
  • Uniforms are a great way to promote a company. Adding name tags, the company’s logo and tagline on the uniforms will make it easier for the customers to remember the company better.
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An eye-catching logo, a quirky tagline that sums up your services in just one line, and a well-groomed smartly dressed employee is all one needs to promote their brand! If you are looking to open a restaurant or a resort of your own, make sure you have employee uniforms in mind beforehand!

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