How Far Can Tech Take the Sports Betting Industry?

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If we look ahead into the future of the online betting industry, significant tech advancements will dominate the way we wager on sports. Whether you’re doing something as simple as checking NFL Stats online or picking your favorites to bet on for the week, technology has forever changed the way we place wagers. 

It has also led to innovation in how we make payments and interact online as we do it all from the comfort of our couch. Sports betting technology is advancing rapidly, and there are undoubtedly many more changes to come. 

Faster and More Secure Payments and Withdrawals

When the first wagers were made online more than 25 years ago, innovative back-end software made it possible to process payments through an encrypted electronic cash system in which the software could be downloaded to your computer. The whole concept isn’t that different from what’s used today, except it’s now more secure and faster than ever.

Deposits and payments using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are now the biggest trends in online betting. Using these two technologies in sync with each other has created a payment system that is virtually free from fraud. 

It is also faster and more convenient than we’ve ever seen. As a result, it’s a viable option to explore if thinking of wagering online.    

5G Technology Pushes Better Betting

5G has been around for a few years but is just now starting to be used in a bigger capacity than in the past, with technology advancing at lightning speeds. Gone are the days when your screen would freeze while you clicked the “place wager” button. The wager often wouldn’t be placed, or you could even lose the money you bet. 

With 5G technology, sites are super fast and more efficient, with more information available to the user. It also allows for multiple processes to be used at the same time. 

In the near future, you’ll be able to be on the sidelines watching your favorite game using VR technology and have all wagering information on the screen for live betting options on the event. 

You’ll even be able to interact with other fans while spectating from the best seat in the house. None of this was possible before the implementation of 5G technology. 

Streaming Technology

Sports betting is soon to be part of the service offerings for some of the major streaming providers. With sports betting now in the mainstream, the big players are looking at how they can cash in on the sports betting explosion. 

Some major players are looking to make deals with the big sportsbooks to integrate their services into the online sports betting experience. They’re betting on the hope that as sports betting becomes even more accepted in the future, it will strengthen its presence in the market and gain a piece of the billions of dollars in revenue collected by the big sportsbooks every year. 

Sports enthusiasts have always made wagers while watching games on TV with their friends, sometimes even while that friend was on the other end of the phone. In the future, you’ll be able to use your favorite streaming service to jump to your sportsbook to wager on the game you’re watching. 

You will be able to see real-time stats and odds right on your screen, so you can place a wager within seconds by just clicking your remote. 

Some experts believe this technology might take a little while to become commonplace, as the primary streaming services have only recently begun to sign contracts with the big sportsbooks. 

One of the greatest questions for streaming services is how they can best monetize the integration with the gambling industry. 

One way is to give users personalized service and features that they would agree to pay for, with fewer and more targeted advertisements. 

Many sports fans also like to use a streaming service that allows them to watch on their smartphone. So, in the end, giving the fans what they want is the best course to take advantage of this new financial opportunity. 

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