How Much Does it Cost to Undergo Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India?

Lumbar Decompression Treatment


Lumbar Decompression is one of the spinal treatments performed in India with maximum success rates. It is possible to correct the spinal disorders with both the surgical and non-surgical processes.

The surgeons initiate the treatment with observation and evaluation of the patient. If the evaluation results reflect the possibility of improvement without any surgery, surgeons prefer the furtherance with non-surgical ways.

However, if the condition of the patient is too worse, or there is no improvement in the state of the patient with non-surgical ways, then the doctor proceeds with Lumbar Decompression Surgery.

The Lumbar Decompression Cost in India starts at USD 4,500. However, it can vary depending on the medical condition of the patient.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Lumbar Decompression Surgery in India:

The medical condition of the patient considerably varies from one another. So, the cost of treatment varies from one patient to another. The factors determining the price of Lumbar Decompression Treatment are:

  • The age of the patient
  • Causes, signs and symptoms of the disorder
  • The area under the effect of lumbar decompression
  • Expenses involved in the diagnosis process
  • The medical condition of the patient
  • The procedure followed for the treatment
  • Preference of hospital for the patient
  • Medical fees of the doctor, surgeon and the team
  • Cost of medicines
  • Expenses involved in the post-surgical therapies, care and follow-up

These are the medical aspects varying the cost of treatment. However, there can be certain other non-medical concerns that change the price of treatment. It majorly includes:

  • The cost of travelling involved for medical tourism to India, it is a personalised expense for each patient
  • Number of days to be spent inside and outside the hospital
  • Choice of room in the hospital
  • Preference of hotel outside the hospital

Well, even if you add all the non-medical and medical cost involved while your lumbar decompression in India, you will realise that the maximum value goes up to USD 7,000. Inclusive of all the small and big expenses, the patient saves 40 to 50% of the treatment price over undergoing surgery in any other country across the globe.

If you compare the Lumbar Treatment Cost in India to that of the price in countries like the US and the UK, the savings can be even higher. It is because of the treatment value in these countries is the minimum of eight to ten times higher.

You can never doubt the quality of treatment offered in the country. If you check the reviews of any of the healing processes delivered in the country, you will realise that India is one of the top- rated countries offering the best medical services across the globe. If we consider the global rankings of the country in the medical industry,

You will be surprised to know that even after having the low cost of surgery, the quality of treatment in treatment is best-in-class. The result of the procedure is more than 95% in the country. Also, the doctors in the country offer you post-surgical care in case you come across any complications postoperatively.

Final Words:

Now, if you are suffering from considerable pain in your spinal region, it is time to bid goodbye to your condition. Approach the medical tourism company in India and arrange your treatment at the earliest. You are certainly going to avail the benefits in an overall manner. In short, you can find all the services that a patient expects for cervical surgery. If you find any kind of post-surgical treatments, the doctors are ready to serve you with online assistance. If it can be examined online and cured with medicines, you do not have to take the pain of revisiting the country. In India, the doctors not only treat you but also educate you to deal with the situations after the
treatment and overcome the complications, if any.

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