How to drop a dress size within a week?

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Dropping a dress size or getting to know that jeans which used to be fit on you are loose, is the best thing to witness for those struggling with obesity. The feeling of hearing that: “oh! You have loosed weight” is so satisfying for women who are managing to get rid of extra Kgs and belly fat.

The recent wave of obesity around the world hasn’t spared anyone. As per a study, from the past three decades, the obesity rate among women of the UAE has increased by up to 10 percent and is more likely to increase in the future. The situation has overwhelmed people in the middle-eastern belt and led them to visit Weight loss clinic Dubai for instant slimming treatments.

This article aims to provide you with some mesmerizing tips to lose weight and cut down the extra kg’s from your body within seven days.

Four tips to drop a dress size

The term falls a dress size means to lose 1 to 5 kilograms of weight significantly. The technique is quite in for a while and might let you fit into clothes from your mother’s childhood or allow you to attend an upcoming festival with a perfect figure.

Here we are top tips to lose weight in less than a week and drop a dress size.

1. Change your eating patterns

The food you consume has a direct impact on your health and body weight. Carefully look at your eating routine and changing it right now is the best way to start with the dropping size journey.  Make sure to eat healthfully. Take the right amount of fibrous food. Maximize intake of fresh veggies and raw food like chicken, fruits, and almonds.

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Go for calculated meals — for example, half a bowl of cereal along with fresh and filling fruits like a pear in the breakfast. In lunch, one can have sodium-free carrot soup along with fiber-rich Caesar salad with olive oil dressing. Dinner can also follow suit. However, make sure that dinner shouldn’t be heavy on the stomach and can have a boiled chicken breast or coconut milk.

Pro-tip: Cut down the intake of white poison, which is sugar and salt.

2. Keep your water levels in check

For a healthy, slim body and instant weight loss within a week, one must check his water level more than usual. It is water that forms 90 percent of our system. It not only helps in maintaining a fully functional digestive system but ensures flushing out toxins from the body.

Going for one glass full of water, 30 minutes before having a meal helps you in controlling appetite and let you eat in a calculated manner. Moreover, a glass of water intake half an hour after a meal also provides benefits to those who want to lose weight fast or within a week. Water keeps you full and energetic and doesn’t let you starve.

Pro tip: Go for the warm water Chinese therapy and start drinking water at room temperature for instant weight loss and other health benefits.

3. Ensure ample amount of exercise

If you haven’t exercised lately, start doing it now. Spare at least 30 to 60 minutes every day for a workout, if you want to lose instantly and healthfully. Exercises don’t need to be hardcore and could be any form of weight lifting or aerobics as per your physical health and fitness.

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Make sure to stretch every morning and walk briskly after every meal. Incorporate yoga in your life and do it whole-heartedly.

Pro Tip: Practice exercising with a devoted belief and best of your capabilities.

4. Try out temporary weight loss solutions

Last but not least, there is a lot of non-invasive and surgery-free slimming solution that provides instant weight loss and tones down specific areas of the body. Taking such slimming treatments that are safe and instant is another way of dropping a dress size in less than five days.

One can opt for cellulite or Hypoxi slimming treatment to witness instant and effective fat-burning results.

Are you thinking of dropping a dress size?

Congratulations! You have already made it. By incorporating the tips given above and going towards best weight loss clinics in Dubai for instant slimming solutions, you can undoubtedly ensure shedding inches of fats in safe and non-invasive ways.

The final pro-tip for this is to check the reviews of best slimming centers and go for non-surgical cellulite treatments that are secure and best suitable for all.

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