How To Get Cheap Flight Ticket?

The techniques here take more time, but they really work.

Plane tickets represent a large part of the cost of a trip. It is therefore important to optimize your research in order to minimize this item of expenditure. We do not pretend to bring you the miracle solution which will allow you, without fail, to find a ticket Paris – Sydney for 200 € round trip. Airlines have become experts in optimizing their fares and there is no secret ninja technique to get these kinds of prices. Fortunately, if you can navigate the jungle of booking sites, it is still possible to find great deals. In this file, we explain in detail all the techniques that we use (and those that we do not consider useful). It should never let you pay too much for your ticket again.

Airline ticket prices vary by country

Since airlines no longer have to follow specific pricing rules, airline ticket prices have changed dramatically. The factors are as diverse as they are varied: the distance traveled, the type of class, the price of fuel, taxes, local regulations, demand, dates, etc. This price fluctuation allows companies to maximize their revenues, but enormously complicates things for us, buyers. Especially since their pricing policy varies from country to country.


Airlines aim to maximize the total turnover of each of their flights. For this they must, on the one hand, fill their planes to the maximum and, on the other hand, sell each ticket as expensive as possible. To achieve this, they vary prices every day or even several times a day. This is called yield management.

The yield management specialists construct theoretical filling and price curves based on many criteria:

  • Flight dates
  • Hours
  • Departure and arrival airports
  • Special events
  • Oil prices
  • Level of competition on the line

They then constantly change prices according to supply and demand:

  • If the plane fills up faster than expected, prices go up.
  • If the plane fills slower than expected, prices fall.
  • If a competitor charters a new aircraft on the same line, prices drop.
  • If a competitor lowers their prices, prices fall.
  • If oil prices go up, prices go up.


Before rushing to the first price comparison, the first step to save on your plane ticket is to determine from which price you can consider a ticket as expensive or cheap. Indeed, without having a precise idea of ​​the prices generally charged on the airlines which interest you, it will be impossible for you to know if you are getting a good deal or not.

You just have to enter your departure airport and your arrival airport then once arrived on the result page, click on “Modify” and indicate your departure and arrival dates.

The site will then display a graph allowing you to view the distribution of purchase prices for this flight. It will tell you the price levels considered to be “exceptional”, “good” and “average”. The “exceptional” price is a good basis for setting a price target to find during your research.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, there is no tool providing this type of information for one-way flights.


They compare airline prices and sell tickets directly. The main tour operators are:





SNCF trips



Look Voyages



They compare tour operators and synthesize a greater diversity of offers. We therefore advise you to use flight comparators rather than tour operator sites. The main flight comparators are:







There are so many ways to get a cheap flight ticket but sometimes your trusted Airline is the best and always offering to their regular customer handsome offers. Same goes with Hawaiian Airlines. This is providing really good offers. So Better to have look at its reservation while planing your trip. 


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