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If you are a salesperson or working as a customer representative, you know how challenging your daily tasks can be. Dealing with people and through people is a skill that consistently requires you to update your pool of knowledge so that you stay relevant and informed which shows in how you communicate and interact with people. It is a high confidence thing where if you come around as a less enthusiastic individual or one having low self-esteem then survival is simply not possible. While there are loads of other traits and character aspects that you need to master in a quick succession of time, there is no doubt that the impact you create is felt throughout the organization. Your successful approach towards clients and prospects churns the cogs of the money-making machine that allows big corporations to continue making profits. In this post we would like to offer suggestions for managers and how they can augment this impact created by their sales and services teams. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Appearances Matter a Lot

Without question, your sales and services department staff serves as the face of your business. This is it is they who come into direct contact with customers and prospects. They interact and engage with them. Hence you need to make sure that your employees are dressed up to impress and create a good first impression. This is why we highly recommend that you offer them custom sales staff uniforms which will not only make them appear more professional but will also help to promulgate the image of your business for onlookers, bystanders, and in the eyes of the general public. Furthermore you should also ensure that they present themselves in pristine personal hygiene and top-notch grooming so that they attract attention rather them make people feel repulsive about them.

Offer Them Comprehensive Training To Develop & Sharpen Their Skills

The more trained your teams are the more skillfully would they be able to maneuver themselves across on-job challenges. Hence if you want your sales and services team to leave a lasting impression and create a defiant impact on to customers and prospects, consider offering them training to sharpen their aptitudes in the following capacities:

  • Memory retention allows them to relay important information and facts on cue.
  • Terrific listening skills to read and understand between the lines as well as interpret messages.
  • Outstanding communication skills that allow them to divulge difficult chunks of information and make them digestible for the audience.
  • Mastery over the art of persuasion.
  • Public speaking skills so that they can deliver a presentation and address a large crowd of people.
  • Conflict management so that they can resolve concerns and issues without delays.
  • Time management so that they can deliver tasks in an organized manner without exceeding deadlines.
  • Adaptability so that they can adjust themselves according to the given scenario and deal with the situation in a much more effective manner.

Provide Them with the Right Set of Tools

If you were to clip off the wings of a predatory bird it will never be able to take flight and hunt down its prey. The same goes for your sales and services teams. If you want them to chase down targets, accomplish their goals, and fulfill your organization objectives then you need to make sure that they soar higher into the skies. You can go about doing this by providing them with the right set of tools to play with at first. This may require you to buy new equipment, invest in new technology, deploy a software system, and much more. The idea over here is to make sure that you give them a reasonable platform that can make things easier for even a layman to achieve. If you introduce new technology then train them so that they understand how to use that tool effectively and efficiently.

We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding regarding how you can go about to increase the impact your sales and services team creates to influence others. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.


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