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How to make a face mask- Simple and easy methods

How to make a face mask- Simple and easy method


 How to make a face mask? The handy  and useful ways to make mask may not be considered to be very important or relevant in any way before. But now in this pandemic situation, the skill of making a mask can be worth enough and productive. Particularly when face masks are mandatory in many places, it will be very functional if we know the simple ways to make face masks. Especially, in this situation the use of face masks is one of the ways to prevent us from the corona virus. In addition to that, maintaining social distance, the use of hand sanitizers and soaps will also helps us in this rough time.

We all are now well aware about the crucial significance of face mask and its usage. keeping that in our minds, now let’s see a few simple and easy ways to make a mask at home.

Few types of mask

How to make a face mask is not a rocket science that is complicate to understand. In fact it involves simple and easy methods. We can make different types of masks from the simple available materials at home. Few types of masks don’t require a sewing machine to make. How to make a face mask with bandana  and  a T-shirt less effort and is very easy in making. Now let us see the simple and easy ways to make different types of face masks.

1. Bandana Style face mask

It is one of the easiest method to make your face mask. It only requires very few materials that are easily available in home,they are as follows;

  • A bandana/scarf or long kerchief
  • Hair ties or rubber bands
  • A paper towel or coffee filter

The very primary thing that you need to keep in mind is the right selection of bandana. The mask will be very effective if the bandana is thick. If the material is translucent it won’t be much ineffective in the use mask. It is much preferable to use a thick cotton cloth. Let’s have a look at the process of the bandana face mask.

How to make a face mask- Simple and easy method


At first, it is best to fold the bandana into half. Then have to fold it again twice lengthwise from top to bottom. Apart from this, add a square piece of a paper towel or coffee filter. Furthermore, place hair ties or rubber bands at the strip of the material. Then fold the bandana towards the middle. The simple bandana mask is now ready to wear. It hardly takes a couple of minutes and can make it with very limited materials.

2.T-shirt face mask

If you have a unused t-shirt at your home then it is uncomplicated to make face mask. It only requires three basic   things to make the mask, they are as follows:

  • A T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel or coffee filter

It is very easy to make a t-shirt mask if we have a t-shirt which we are ready to cut. , It will be common to have an unused t-shirt in everyone’s wardrobe collection that can be used to make the t-shirt mask. The t-shirt need to be thick, it is preferable to have a pure cotton. Indeed it will be best to use an opaque t-shirt. Now let’s have a look into the process involved in making of t-shirt face mask.

How to make a face mask- Simple and easy method


At first, cut the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut the t-shirt according to the height of your nose to your lower chin. At this point, try to cut a bit longer in size.It suggested that if the cut out portion  is long we can trim it. But if the cutting turns out to be small then the effort will be in vain. Once the t-shirt is cut from lengthwise, cut it around according to the required size. To make the ties for the mask cut into an elongated c-shape type. Also, cut ties accordingly so that you can retie them around your head. It needs to be adjusted accordingly in order to have a perfect fit around the nose and chin. Furthermore, add a paper towel or coffee filter into the mask.

By the above steps involved, the t-shirt mask is now ready to wear . Like a bandana mask, it involves  only few steps and less time in the process of making a t-shirt mask.

 3. Cloth face mask with needle and thread

 To make a mask with a needle and thread is not complicated. How to make a face mask by needle and thread may sound bit strenuous effort. But all you need to have is a few things and a little time. This type of mask can be made with a sewing machine also. The few materials that are required to make the mask are as follows:

  • Fabric cotton
  • Rubber bands
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

The first step involved in the process of cloth face mask is to cut it in a circle. To cut the cloth place a circular plate or object. Once the fabric is cut into a circle then fold into four parts forming a triangle. Furthermore, cut the triangle-shaped fabric into four pieces. The wrong side of the material should be on the outside. So pin the two-two shapes accordingly. Also, stitch along the curved side of the fabric with thread and needle. Stitch nicely so that no gaps are found in between. After the stitch is made proper, unfold the triangles. A dome shape mask will be the outcome. Keep this dome shape mask on top of each other and front sides together. Along with it pin the place and sew the edges, which makes a gap at one end.

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As part of the next step, need to pull the fabric through the gap. It needs to be done until the front side of the fabric comes on the outside of the mask. Also, stitch the small gap. Furthermore, as the last step, the bands need to be inserted in the masks. Make the required space in the side of the mask and insert the elastic band. Stitch the side of the mask with thread and needle, now the mask is all set to wear. Unlike the other two masks, this mask will bit rounded in shape. Which indeed it will fit well in the face and is more comfortable to wear.

The Right Usage of Face Mask

The whole effort will be in vain if we don’t know the right usage of face masks. People may use a mask, but it is very important to keep a few things in mind while  you are  using  a mask. Masks are primarily intend to prevent airborne diseases from people to people. Especially, in this pandemic situation, the first and foremost thing that needs to be followed is the use of masks. There are a few points that need to be followed when you wear a mask. They are as follows:

  • Hands should be neatly cleaned with soap or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the mask.
  • If it is a disposable mask don’t wear it more than one time.
  • Make sure the mask is large enough to cover your mouth and nose.
  • Don’t touch the front part of the mask.

The above are the few instructions that should be followed when you wear a face mask. 


In this pandemic situation, the use of a face mask is a vital thing. Indeed, the face mask is part of our lives now. So it is very important and is much relevant to know about how to make face masks and its proper usage. How to make a fabric mask, how to make a mask without sewing are discussed here. However, its our responsibility to make our own safety . So by the right usage of mask and proper awareness we all can be on the safer side in this pandemic period.

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