How to Make a Meme- Easy methods and Ideas to know in 2021

How to make a meme


Social media is a vast platform in which anything and everything can go viral. In a way, it will be appropriate to define memes as a byproduct of social media. Indeed, it get circulates on such platforms. A meme can be an image, text, or video that generally is witty, mostly circulating on the internet with relevant context. Since they are primarily humorous, a good meme can make your day. However, most people are unaware of how to make a meme. There are many easy ways to make it with good ideas. So let’s dig more into this aspect of this. 

Different Types of Meme

Thousands of memes get on the internet daily. The contents in the it vary according to geographical region and cultures. However, there are some items that anyone can relate to. Moreover, these are so widespread that memes terminology is now a part of the oxford dictionary. There are different types of memes, which vary from layout to content. Let’s look at the basic types of this. 

Easy meme Look

In context with the picture type of meme, an easy type is a primary category. This will look simple without slides or comparison. Also, These types usually start with “no one” and then the punch line. Moreover, it is easy to create and conveys a direct message. 

Comparison memes

How to Make a Meme- Easy methods and Ideas to know in 2021


The side comparison are the next category ones. In this type, two pictures are collaged, and comparisons are made humorously. One can put his different ideas and concepts in these varieties. Also, it is so easy for the reader to grasp the meaning of it. 

Classic Meme 

Making  memes out of a classic image is common these days. The images used for making memes can be of great paintings, popular animal figures, etc. Indeed, witty and relevant sentences are added to these pictures. Since the image in the memes is classic and famous, many people will relate to this.

How to Make a Meme

Everybody enjoys to read or watch memes. But most of them don’t know to create  memes of their own. To make  memes is not rocket science. Indeed, it is easy and needs some sense to execute it. Here are some steps that will be helpful to make memes. 


Research is a fundamental part of doing any work. Before making  memes, know it. One must have a clear idea with clarity about what to make. Also, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoid making the memes that are repeating in nature. Furthermore, catch the latest memes on the platforms. As a first step in solving the question of making memes, one must know the relevance of it . 

Know the trend

To know the pulse of the public is another essential step for creating memes. It is about understanding what the latest trend among people is. Constant updates regarding various topics will help you to understand the trending topics. Indeed, these should reflect in the memes so that one can instantly relate to them. Social media platforms can be useful to know the trend. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., can be the right platform.

Relate the subject

Choose a matter that you can relate for making memes. For instance, if you are not a political person, creating memes out of it may seem not easy. So it is always better to choose a subject that you can link with it. If you lack ideas, then picking up the popular pubic figures or animals can be the right choice.

Choose your Medium

Memes are made out of photos, videos, and text. It is essential that what you take as a medium to make memes. Mostly, it is easier and better to create it in an image. However, video can also be a good option, but one needs extra effort to make it.  

Compose the content

 Collect:  Composing the content is another important step for making memes. To create a matter, one needs to collect the right stuff that is apt. Whether you want to make a new meme or recycle it, getting the right thing is crucial.

Short and simple: Don’t create unnecessary complications in your meme. Indeed, it will be difficult for a viewer to connect it, So make it simple. If you are making a video, don’t increase the video length; try to make it short. In short, the meme should be significant and captivating.

Right expression: It is important to put the correct expression in a meme. If the expressions are inappropriate, the expected emotion in a meme will get connect to the viewers. If it happens, your whole attempt will be in vain. 

Tools for the Meme

The proper execution of a meme needs the right tool. Try to use the right photoshop or applications that are easy and effective to use. 

Make your Meme

When you acquire content, ideas, and tools, now it is the time to execute it. Once you create it, let the viewers decide its result. 

Applications that help to make a meme

People often have this confusion regarding the applications that helps them to create a meme. Here is the list of some handy applications that support Android and iOS devices for making a meme. 

Meme Factory: It is one of the popular meme making an application. It offers a wide range of meme templates that can help to create a meme. 

How to Make a Meme- Easy methods and Ideas to know in 2021

Meme Maker Application. Source:

Meme Maker: This application provides layouts and designs that can be handy enough to create your work. Also, it has a pretty good collection of meme templates.

Memedroid: Unlike the other applications, one can both view and make in this. Also, the templates and features will be helpful enough to make a meme.


Even though many people know how to make a it, they lack in making it a success. Thus one must keep in mind a few things for a successful meme; they are as follows.

  1. Post the meme on the right social media platforms from public accounts. Indeed, it can increase the post view of your work. 
  2. Make the meme short and sweet.
  3. The texts should be captivating and relatively large. Don’t give a chance to the viewer to skip your meme.
  4.  Execute excellent creative ideas that can be very impressive.
  5. Importantly, know the trend and make them accordingly.

Final Note

From the above information, how to make memes is no more a matter of concern. Memes are an outcome of the modern way of socialization. It conveys many aspects of our daily life. Indeed, a true unbiased meme is healthy and pleasant. Doubtless, most people witness and read memes daily. Thus it has become a part of our daily life these days. 


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