How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft: Effective Ways

how to make a saddle in minecraft

Saddles are vital items in Minecraft that allow players to ride and control certain mobs. Unlike most items in the game, saddles cannot be crafted on a crafting table. Instead, they must be found or obtained through other methods. This unique aspect adds a layer of challenge and value to acquiring saddles, making them highly sought after by players.

Saddles enable you to ride various animals, enhancing mobility and control within the game. With a saddle, you can traverse large distances quickly, explore new areas, and engage in activities that would otherwise be slow and tedious. This makes saddles a crucial item for both survival and exploration in Minecraft. In this guide, we will check out how to make a saddle in minecraft.

The inability to craft saddles may seem inconvenient, but it adds an element of adventure and excitement. Players must explore the world, engage with villagers, and utilize different game mechanics to get their hands on this useful item. This approach keeps the game interesting and encourages players to use various strategies and techniques to succeed.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft In Survival Mode

In Survival mode, finding a saddle requires some effort and a bit of luck. Here are the primary methods of how to make a saddle in minecraft:

Looting Chests

Saddles can be found in chests scattered throughout the game world. These chests appear in various locations, such as dungeons, Nether fortresses, desert temples, jungle temples, and strongholds. Among these, Nether fortresses have the highest spawn rates for saddles, making them a prime location for players to search. Each of these locations offers different probabilities of finding a saddle, adding a layer of excitement and unpredictability to the search.

how to make a saddle in minecraft


Fishing is another way of how to make a saddle in minecraft. Although the chances of catching a saddle are less than 1%, it’s still a viable method, especially if you enjoy the peaceful activity of fishing. For those who want to increase their odds, creating an AFK fish farm can be an efficient solution. This setup allows you to fish continuously without constant supervision, gradually increasing your chances of finding a saddle.

Trading with Villagers

Villagers, particularly master-level leatherworkers, can trade saddles in exchange for emeralds. In Java Edition, this trade is always available once the villager reaches the required level. In Bedrock Edition, there’s a 50% chance of the trade being offered. To get a master-level leatherworker, you’ll need to trade with them multiple times, leveling them up through their profession. This method requires patience and resources but guarantees a saddle once the villager is at the correct level.

Mob Loot

Certain mobs in Minecraft also drop saddles. Ravagers, which appear during village raids, always spawn with a saddle. Defeating a ravager will yield a saddle, but engaging in a raid can be challenging and requires preparation. Striders in the Nether, ridden by zombified piglins, also spawn with saddles. However, these are less common and require venturing into the dangerous Nether.

These methods of how to make a saddle in minecraft provide multiple avenues for players to obtain saddles in Survival mode, each with its own set of challenges and rewards.

How to Obtain a Saddle in Creative Mode

In Creative mode, obtaining a saddle is significantly easier compared to Survival mode. Here’s how you can do it across different editions of Minecraft:

Java Edition

In Java Edition, you can easily access a saddle through the Creative Inventory. To do this, open your inventory, and navigate to the Transportation tab. Here, you will find the saddle among other transportation-related items. Simply drag the saddle into your inventory, and it’s ready to use.

Bedrock Edition

For players using the Bedrock Edition, obtaining a saddle is just as straightforward. Open the Equipment menu, and you will find the saddle listed among other items. Drag it to your inventory, and you’re all set.

Pocket Edition

In the Pocket Edition, the process is slightly different but still easy. Open the Equipment menu and go to the Tools tab. Here, you will find the saddle, which you can then add to your inventory.

Why It’s Easier in Creative Mode

Creative mode provides access to all items in the game, making it a convenient way to experiment and build without the constraints of resource gathering. The ease of obtaining a saddle in Creative mode allows players to focus on creative builds and exploring the game’s mechanics without the need to search or trade for items.

Why It’s Easier in Creative Mode

Using a Saddle in Minecraft

Once you have obtained a saddle, whether in Survival or Creative mode, using it is straightforward. Here’s how you can use a saddle on different mobs:

Horses, Donkeys, and Mules

To use a saddle on these mobs, you first need to tame them. Taming typically involves feeding the animal or repeatedly attempting to ride it until it stops bucking you off. Once tamed, right-click (or use the appropriate control for your platform) to open the inventory of the animal. Place the saddle in the designated slot to equip it. After saddling, you can ride and control the animal’s movements, making travel much easier.


Pigs can also be ridden once saddled, but you will need a carrot on a stick to control their direction. To saddle a pig, right-click it with the saddle in your hand. Once saddled, hold the carrot on a stick to guide the pig in the desired direction.


Striders, found in the Nether, can be saddled and ridden, but they require a warped fungus on a stick for navigation. This makes them useful for traversing the lava lakes in the Nether. To saddle a strider, right-click it with the saddle, and then use the warped fungus on a stick to steer.

These methods highlight the versatility of saddles in enhancing gameplay and mobility across different environments in Minecraft.


Q1. Can You Craft a Saddle in Minecraft?

No, you cannot craft a saddle in Minecraft. Unlike most items in the game, saddles must be found or obtained through trading, fishing, or looting chests. This limitation adds a layer of difficulty and makes acquiring a saddle feel more rewarding.

Q2. Why Can’t You Craft a Saddle in Minecraft?

The inability to craft a saddle is a design choice by the developers. It’s intended to make saddles a more valuable and sought-after item. This encourages players to explore the world, engage with game mechanics like trading and fishing, and adds a level of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

Q3. How Do You Make a Horse Saddle in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you cannot make a horse saddle. To get one, you must use methods like looting chests, fishing, trading with villagers, or obtaining it from mob drops. Once you have a saddle, you can equip it to a tamed horse by accessing the horse’s inventory and placing the saddle in the designated slot.

Q4. How Do You Use a Saddle in Minecraft?

To use a saddle, first tame the mob you wish to ride. For horses, donkeys, and mules, right-click to open their inventory and place the saddle in the saddle slot. For pigs, equip the saddle and use a carrot on a stick to guide them. For striders, equip the saddle and use a warped fungus on a stick to control their movements.

Wrapping Up

Obtaining a saddle in Minecraft requires effort, exploration, and sometimes a bit of luck. Whether you’re playing in Survival mode and searching chests or trading with villagers, or in Creative mode where you can easily access all items, saddles are a valuable tool for enhancing mobility and gameplay. Use the various methods mentioned here on how to make a saddle in minecraft, and enjoy the many adventures they enable in the expansive world of Minecraft.

Remember, persistence is key, and exploring different methods can increase your chances of success. Happy saddle hunting and enjoy your journeys across the Minecraft landscapes!

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