How to play Fantasy Football Game

Children used to play various kinds of sports in the evening in the playground during their holidays. But the time has changed a lot and children then used to play video games, then computer games and now various games are available on mobile phones. Nowadays various games are available on mobile phones where you can invest real money and can also win real money prizes or some amazing offers, bonuses or cashback. The type of games in which the participant has to select their imaginary or virtual team of real players of professional sports and the teams then compete based on their actual or real-life performance are known as fantasy sports. These games are played by using the internet. According to the performance of the players, points are allotted to the players and then the total points of the team selected by the candidate are calculated at the end of the game. If you get a sufficient amount of points then you can get a chance to earn the real money. These games are now legal and 100% secure. You need to be updated with the players and news of the sport to create your perfect team and to win.

The fantasy sports are available for various sports like cricket, football, NBA, kabaddi, etc. Goal fantasy football is getting popular among the football freaks. One of the best fantasy sports portals is PlayerzPot where you can get up to Rs.5555 on the first sign up. This cash bonus is provided to the new users. On the first deposit, you get up to Rs.5555 cashback and Rs.20 after you verify your mobile number and Rs.10 after you verify your email address. Check for this also club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline

You must follow the following tips if you are playing the game for the first time and don’t know how to play this game.

  1. You must register yourself if you are new on the portal and then log-in.
  2. After loggingin to your account, select the match in which you are interested and click on join now. You can also join multiple numbers of matches at a time.
  • Now for a fantasy squad of 11 players which should consist of 1 goalkeeper, 1-3 attackers, 3-5 defenders and midfielders each. The players are selected by using the points of 1000 gems. Each player has been allotted certain points which are to be spent to add the player in the squad. You have to create the squad before the real game starts. And you will not be allowed to change the squad after the game commences.
  1. After creating the squad, you have to select the captain and the star player from your squad. The star player will earn 2X points and the captain will earn 1.5X points. The selection of these 2 players should be appropriate as they play a crucial role in winning.
  2. To join the game, you have to pay Rs.25 from the bonus cash in your wallet.
  3. The squad that you have created will earn points based on the real performance of the players that you have selected after the match starts. The final ranking will be given based on the total points and winners will be declared after the match ends.

Some additional tips to select the players which will help you to earn more points are as follows:

  • Selecting Midfielders: The number of players required as midfielders is 3-5. The selection of the players should not be from a single team. You should select the best midfield players and select them according to their current form. The midfielder with a good attacking record must be selected to earn more points. The midfielders should be selected based on the team performance in the tournament. If both the teams are performing good, then two midfielders should be selected from each team.
  • Selecting Defenders: A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players should be selected as defenders to form a team. Select 2 defenders from both the teams and you should not rely on a single team. Selecting a defender with an attacking record will help you to earn more points as he will be good at providing you points from both attacking and as well as defending. If the line-up in actual matches is weak, then you should select a greater number of defenders and in case of a strong line-up, choose less number of players as defenders, as it will help you in earning more number of points.
  • Selecting Attackers: The minimum number of players to be selected as attackers is 1 and the maximum is 3. The goals are generally scored by the attackers, so you should select a minimum of 1 attacker from each of the team and a maximum of 3 attackers. You must assign at least one attacker as a star player or as a captain. Check the current form of the players before selecting them.
  • Selecting Goal Keeper: One goalkeeper has to be selected. Goalkeepers can help you in earning a lot of points. You must compare both the keepers from the 2 teams and select the best one, who is good at keeping and is in good form.
  • Selecting Captain and Star Player: The star player will earn 2X points and the captain will earn 1.5X points. The selection of these 2 players should be appropriate as they play a crucial role in winning. Generally, the goals are scored by the attackers, so you should select at least one of the attackers as a star player or as a captain. If both the teams are good at attacking and have the best-attacking players, then you should select both the star player and the captain from attackers. Good defenders can be selected as a captain, but you should resist selecting defenders as a star player. Avoid selecting the star player and the captain from a single team because there is very little chance that both players will be performing well from the single team.

You must play on the best fantasy football app to play and earn. You have to follow the above-mentioned tips to score maximum points and to earn amazing rewards and cashback.

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