How to Remove a Security tag- Things you need to Know

How to remove a security tag


Security tags are very  prevalent these days. Many people are unaware of how to remove a security tag .Security is a fundamental factor that is important for human survival. Especially in today’s world, there are much chaos and instability in society. So there is a natural tendency of people to search for peace and security for a better living. You may think that how security tag in the modern context gets connected with our basic instinct of getting a secure life. Indeed, it gets linked to each other.

In simple words, fear and insecurity is the reason that tends to put a security tag in clothes and many other items. You imagine a beautiful place where there is no robbery and violence. Do you think there is a need for a security tag in such an area? However, it may sound like a Utopian concept in the present context. Anyways, coming to the topic, Here, let’s solve this question of removing a security tag and looking at many more aspects related to this.

Types of Security tag

Before looking at how to remove a security tag, let’s understand different security tag types. Depending upon the product/item, various security tags get used. Also, each security tag has its unique features and process to remove it.

Eas Tags: It is one of the commonly used security tags in many items. Indeed, it assures a good safety for the products. There are two ways to operate Eas tags. The radiofrequency model and magnetic system are the two major types of Eas tags.

Visual Tags: Unlike the eas tag, it is a bit different in operation. In Eas tags, an alarm takes place when a product gets stolen. In Visual tags, instead of a warning, a visual depiction of the suspicious activity is presented to the shopkeeper. As compared to Eas tags, visual tags are not much advisable to use. However, you can see different types and varieties of visual tags in the market.

Clothing Tags:

These types of tags widely get use in numerous stores. If we look at the elements included in the clothing tags, they get classified into three. First, it consists of the primary Eas receiver, then the pin, and the locking mechanism. Indeed, the locking mechanism is the central element of clothing tags. This locking mechanism is of two types consisting of magnetical and mechanical. It is interesting to see that, depends on the variant types of the magnetic lock, the product’s safety varies. However, it is advisable to use a higher quality magnetic tag for better protection.

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Fashion Tags : As the name suggests, the tags used in fashion accessories are generally known as fashion tags. Cable Strap and Lanyard tags are commonly preferred options in such types of security tags.

Other Tags  There are many different security tags that you may witness in different stores or showrooms. Bottle tags, optical tags are few such examples of that. However, considering the product item and safety priority, different types of security tags get used.

How to remove a security tag using different Methods

Yes, it’s time to look at a few methods that help to remove security. But before discussing the immediate steps involved in eliminating security tags, it is crucial to know about the two major basic variants of security tags. Indeed, there are ink tags and sensor tags. So depending on the type of tag, steps can get implemented by you.

Generally, Ink tags are more secured. Also, it may blast if someone tries to remove it in the wrong way. So one has to be very careful while removing such tags. But compared to ink tags, sensor tags are easy to remove. Let’s look at a few methods that will answer your question of drawing a security tag.

Method to remove a security tag

Methods 1: The first method is an easy way; using a knife, scissors, or screwdriver, you can remove the security tag. Just ensure that you click the pin in the tag in the right way. If you did so, you could hear the pin sound. That indeed is the sign that you have removed the security tag.

Method 2 If you are trying to open an ink tag, this method will help you. As a first step, gently light the top portion of the tag. In a few seconds, the upper cone portion of the tag get melt. Then with a knife, remove the top cone like part of the tag. Furthermore, you will see a ball-like shape in the tag, remove it carefully. Once you remove the top position, then eventually rest will fall apart. Thus you will be able to remove the ink variant security tag. However, considering the risk factors, do the steps with full attention.

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Method 3 Using a screwdriver is the third method. You have to ensure few things like the ink cartridge should get place upwards. Also, you have to put the right screwdriver of the perfect size under the ink cartridge. With the proper pressure applied, the cartridge will get open. Remove the silver type paper on the metal plate. Thus you will be able to remove the ink cartridge security tag with a screwdriver.

Method 4 This is another simple method using a rubber band. First, identify the pin inside the ink cartridge. Ensure that you wrap the rubber band in a proper way around this. If removal requires extra rounds, you can put additional bands. However, with the right effort, you will remove the security tag by setting it in two parts.

Keep in mind

There are few things that you need to keep in mind while removing a security tag.

  1. Never in be hurry, do the process with patience and care.
  2. Some security tags may get blast, so you need to give special attention while removing the tag.
  3. Since your sensitive materials, There are chances that you may harm yourself in the process of tag removal. So always follow the safety precautions.
  4. Never try inappropriate ways to remove security tags.

Final Note

It’s time to put an end and stop asking how to remove a security tag. Undoubtedly, the above methods will help to remove security tags in clothes and many more items. As mentioned above, all you need to keep in mind is the safety measures. Security tags are prevalent these days, so having the right knowledge about its removal will be handy enough.


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