How to start a conversation with a girl texting- Impressive Tips and More

How to start a conversation with a girl texting- Impressive Tips and More


People often have this doubt regarding how to become a good communicator. Communication is a skill that one develops over some time. Indeed, it is an art, that plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Nowadays, technology has opened up different modes of communication. Texting or chatting is one of the most suitable methods of communication that take place across the globe. However, people frequently have many confusions in the context of texting. Significantly, many ask this query of how to start a conversation with a girl texting. Here are some essential steps and impressive tips that may improve the quality of text conversation with a girl.

Steps to begin a conversation with a girl 

Before looking at how to start a conversation with a girl texting, one needs to follow a few essential steps. Let’s have a look at those crucial steps.

Get her number

These days texting is possible on many social media platforms. However, you should favorably get her contact number. Indeed, messaging on a private number or contact connected applications creates a psychological upper hand in your conversation. 

Do Homework

Once you get her contact number, don’t jump to start a conversation. Do a little bit of background study of her through social media or in other ways. This may help you to understand more about the person. Indeed, as you progress in texting, it will benefit you. 

Take an effort 

It is imperative to make a good start when you message. Especially if the girl is your crush, make an extra effort in the first text. You can start with “Hi and name” and then something captivating in the beginning. As always, the first impression is the best. However, making a great start don’t be too cheesy or flirty in starting.

Texting rules when you start a conversation with a girl

The above were the three necessary steps that are mandatory for a perfect start. Besides, there are a few fundamental texting rules that one needs to follow for better texting conversation with a girl. Let’s have a look at these golden texting rules. 

Use proper grammar

Does the use of the right grammar have an impact on your conversation? Yes, it does creates a sub-conscious psychological effect on the opposite person. Many instances, you may use short words and tends to make a grammatical error, try to avoid that when you start a conversation with a girl texting. 

Avoid silly emojis

Emoji are now a standard part of texting. Also, it gets updated regularly. However, it is not advisable to make silly emoji’s when you message a girl. Indirectly, the silly emojis indicates that you lack total attention while texting. Indeed, that is not a good sign to give, so avoid silly emoji’s.

Know the timings

It is essential to understand the free timings of the person of whom you are messaging. Furthermore, try to text during this available period. There are chances that you may get a late reply when you message the person while she is busy. Indeed, it breaks the flow of your conversation, making it less engaging. 

Expand your Knowledge

Some people have only limited knowledge about certain topics. In case, if your texting person comes up with a completely different topic that is unaware to you, don’t divert it. Instead, research and make your knowledge wider. Know at least something about many topics so that you can maintain and carry on the conversation.

Ask relevant questions

While you are making a conversation with a girl through texting, make sure that you ask a relevant question related to your context. However, many people out of excitement almost ask a silly and inappropriate question, making the talk turn off and boring.

Give Compliments


It doesn’t matter that you are not physically present; giving an apt compliment always creates a good impact. Besides, physical aspects one can provide compliments with on various things. For instance, one can appreciate the person’s writings, skills, and other qualities too. 

Know her interests

Knowing the opposite person’s interest can be very useful enough to make interesting conversations. Who doesn’t love to speak about their passion and likings? Indeed, everyone does. So know her area of interest and send messages accordingly.

Show her importance

It is very crucial to make her feel that you are giving importance to her. So in between the messages, you can mention it indirectly. However, ensure that you don’t sound too flat on her. Every person’s mindset is different, so it won’t be easy to make a generalizing statement about people’s perspective. But anyhow, be sensible and go with the flow. 

Be positive


Be a person who always showers positivity and motivate others. Psychologically girls tend to like guys more who is having an optimistic mindset than pessimistic people. When she feels low or share something that needs encouragement, do motivate her.

Make a curious end

According to studies, girls get more attracted to guys who look a bit mysterious than the normal ones. It doesn’t matter that you are talking to her through texting, make the conversation more exciting. Don’t be too blend and usual. Furthermore, try to make the end of your conversation bit mysterious and curious. The next day, the opposite person initiates the message, thus breaking the upper hand of the texting barrier.   

 Keep in mind- when you start a conversation with a girl

One needs to keep in mind a few things while starting a conversation with a girl through texting. 

Don’t stick too much

Don’t stick too much if the girl is not responding properly. It is a sign of lack of interest that she shows in you. So be sensible and don’t bother much. Besides, give priorities to the ones who are worth it for you.

Don’t blabber


If you don’t have any topic to talk about, then don’t do blabbering. Indeed, it is one of the major irritating aspects that a girl dislikes. It is important to be emotionally intelligent and to understand what the opposite person feels and like. 

Stay calm 

Don’t jump between the conversation. It is important to have patience and calmness. Moreover, perceive the messages properly with a clear mind and respond accordingly. Don’t try to send your own opinions and stories; be a good listener. 

Don’t talk about other girls

Attention seeking and possessiveness have only a thin line difference. While you are messaging a girl, you mustn’t talk about other girls, unless it is crucial. Distracting attention or care is a minus point that girls generally don’t like. 

Think and text

It is important to use your brain when you text. Since the conversation is through texting there can be a chance of miscommunication. So it is always advisable to read and recheck the text before you send it. Also, keep your emotions under control. Show a sensible and mature way of communication.

Final Note

As mentioned in the initial paragraph, communication is certainly a skill developed by constant practice. Like any other skill, it too needs to get polished. How to start a conversation with a girl texting is one of the most pop-up queries in the recent period. Mostly, teens and youths become conscious when they talk to the opposite gender. With a sensible application of the above steps and tips, one can easily communicate with a girl through texting and real presence. 


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