How Uber for Pharmacy App Connects Patients to Pharmacy

About Uber for Pharmacy App

Users need not rush towards pharmacy stores to buy medicine. Users can download a pharmacy app, register, order and get medicine at their doorsteps at any time and anywhere. On-demand apps are one of the best examples of personalized solutions. The app will work on Android, iOS and multiple platforms.

Why an on-demand medicine delivery app is a lucrative option for business owners? Statista has listed medicine delivery apps among the popular app categories. Business owners can earn millions by propagating their online pharmacy businesses.

App Categories

  • Customer App: Users can download the app, register and order any medicine. The advanced search will suggest the best solution upon customers’ requests.
  • Agent App: Deliverymen can download the app, register and get updates related to the delivery. Thus, they can deliver the medicine requested by users.
  • Admin Panel: Business owners can control their online pharmacy businesses through the admin panel.

Uber for Medicine Delivery App Solution

  • Customer App

The user-side app will help customers to order medicine.


Registration: Users will have to create their accounts through a simple registration process. Thus, they can order the prescribed medicine from any store.

Buy Medicine: Users can order medicines through multiple options. They can either add prescriptions or directly search for any medicine.

Tracking: Once the order gets placed, users can track drivers arriving at the designated location.

Payment Gateways: Customers can choose the desired payment method through multiple availabilities like third-party gateways, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Repeat Order: Users can repeat orders from the history option; they need not refill the details from scratch.

Offers: Users will be notified for the latest offers & discounts.

Chat Option: Customers can chat with the designated deliverymen and get status related to their delivery.

Ratings & Feedback: Users can rate their experience after delivery.

  • Agent App

The app is exclusively for deliverymen. On every order requested, a service provider can get updates and deliver the order.


Add Profile: Deliverymen can add details related to their profile. Further, they can customize their profiles as per their needs or requirements.

Alerts: Service providers can get details related to their orders. A reminder will notify them of orders to be delivered, new requests, cancellations, payments, and any other update.

Navigation System: Delivery men can reach to different locations for delivery through the in-app navigation system. The navigation system will show the shortest route between the pickup and drop destinations.

Earnings: Service providers can get details of their earnings.

Delivery Proof: Users can add digital signatures as the service proofs.

Work Availability: Service providers can show their online presence as per their availabilities and accept orders.

  • Admin Panel

Apps owners have to manage the admin panel. Using the admin panel, business owners can manage other apps and service providers. Further, business owners can customize apps for adding new changes.

Manage Requests: The single dashboard will help in the management of multiple orders.

Advanced Analytics: The admin can gain insight into critical areas for improving customers’ acquisition and consequently businesses.

Automated Workflow: Owners can quickly and easily manage the orders and deliverymen with this advanced option.

Track: Owners can track service providers and check whether the order is delivered.

Manage Payment: The admin can set prices, commissions and payouts for agents.

Manage Customers: Business owners can get data related to registered customers. Therefore, they can get a better insight into their requirements and decisions.

The above feature and layout are essentials for Uber for pharmacy app. Besides the above requisites, the app should have the following functions.

Responsive Panel: A responsive web panel allows the working of apps on laptops, Android, iOS, mobile phones, and multiple platforms.

White Label Solution: Companies can sell their products & services without the need for rebranding.


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