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Important Tips for Choosing a Residential Log Cabins

Many people dream of living in a spacious log cabins Ireland nestled at the edge of a forest. During the settlement of America, most everyone lived in a log home, a simple design that was meant to provide shelter.

Many log cabins featured one large room that served as living, dining, kitchen, and sleeping quarters for the entire family. Some boasted a loft area where the kids were nestled down for the night, while a few had separate bedrooms, at least one for the parents. A basic square design was the norm – no extras for a people trying to create a new world to live in.

If you are considering getting yourself your own log cabin, however, don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that is not perfect and then regretting it later. You should also remember that well-built log cabins will last longer, making them more energy efficient because you won’t have to replace them as quickly.

If you are looking for something unique then make sure that you find a company offering made-to-order log cabins. The quality of the timber used in the construction of log houses is hugely important as this will affect how long it lasts and how comfortable it is to use.

Always ask your chosen company which timber they will use and what qualities it has.

As with most things, this has changed over the years. Now, for those seeking the romantic feel of a log home, there are many designs and styles to choose from. And many come in the form of a kit – complete with everything needed for you, or someone you hire, to easily construct your log home on your property. So, how do you decide which log home kit is right for you?

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Here are some tips for choosing a log home kit:


Use your existing home as a starting point –    Look around your existing home and make lists that include the things you are satisfied with and the things that you would like to improve upon. Or maybe your existing home is too large and you are downsizing – now is the time to decide exactly how much space is required for you to live comfortably.


Create a log-home choice kit –    Collect magazines and books featuring log homes. Almost any company that sells kits for log homes will send you a free brochure that explains the details of each home.


Draw a simple plan –    Create a drawing of your existing home using simple squares for each room. Use this plan to help you “see” areas where you might need more or less space. Write in the dimensions of the rooms in your existing home and use these to draw a simple plan for your new home by expanding or subtracting from each room.

The two drawings will give you a comparison chart and a place to start when choosing a kit for the residential log cabins that will be perfect for your family.


Wood –    One of the most important choices will be the type of wood to use for your log houses. The most common types of wood used for log homes are cypress, pine, cedar, and aspen. One of the most popular choices is cedar because of its natural ability to repel insects and because it is less likely to decay or shrink – however, this is also the most expensive choice.

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Compare packages and prices –    Once you have a pretty good idea about what you want in a new home, use the brochures you have already collected and request brochures from several more companies in order to compare what type of kits are available and the price of each.

Another thing to consider is shipping costs – the farther away the company, the higher the cost of shipping. Choosing a log home from a company farther away that is a little cheaper than one that is closer may not actually save any money, as the shipping costs will eat up the savings.


Services –    Most log home companies offer services to potential customers and services that extend to after the sale. Be sure to find out which services are available and decide how much assistance you will need from the company like ( ).

The log home company can help you take your plans and turn them into the log home kit that is perfect for you. Once that has been done, most companies offer on-site assistance – some offer a set number of hours, while others offer unlimited assistance. All companies are looking for satisfied customers; so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the services they offer.

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