Important Tips to Prepare DP 203 exam in One Week

Online Courses

There are a few social media courses that one can utilize to get ready for the scope. Now the advancement in technology shows different actions of the tools, exemplified the theories, and included exam advice and exercise queries.

There is official concept support from Microsoft, and that glances decent too. The authorized topic is a combination of article and videography with the additional strength of text, whereas lessons of other online courses.


Some people can buy books to browse various topics on the syllabus of the examination. Some people don’t get much esteemed from that and would convey that the study is sufficient.

It’s better to research any component that was later reworked before taking appreciation of it, as the policy issue does enhance over the duration, and publications can get out of the time shortly.

Getting Hands-on

Microsoft proposes an alternative to trainer-led discipline, but one cannot do that. He also couldn’t attend any empirical laboratory training on the strategy one developed.

People suggest receiving hands-on. It is susceptive to depend upon how many details a background can have and whether one can be convinced that they have comprehended the equipment.

Some people prefer maintaining statements while attending to videos to benefit organize impressions and make sure they’re appreciating and comprehending.

How to Practice for the Exam

My ultimate advice is to utilize the official tool for examination. It is worth the price. One can use it for quizzes on online tutorials for preparation, which was beneficial. But in case of that, one doesn’t receive acknowledgment unless someone finalized the examination.

When memorizing, one can prefer to discover what we have got mistaken straight away. If someone could understand the answer until the verge of a test, then we have to memorize the content of the topic, which pertains to more effort. They can also expect to guarantee that what gets created in the brain is the right one and not the false one. For that, it’s decent to be amended shortly.

Characteristics of the Practice Test

The authorized practice examination allows one to assign test extents for lengths of the answers they have to rehearse at that juncture. Anyone can decide to suggest the answers directly away or on the verge.

The configuration of the questions approximates the exam, which one cannot understand with all of the rehearsing exam sections. The examination has some multi-part correlated questions, and a lot of portions aren’t solvable.

 Starting the Official Practice:

The progression to purchase and acquire the strategy exam is a little diverting. One can commune through the Microsoft webpage and purchase it from a third-party dealer. But one doesn’t require logging in there, and if they create something, one can utilize it for the test.

Rather one can use login with their Microsoft or software identification for selling and revealing a path away from the sale.

Practice Test Books

One can also use a book of practice questions and answers. That way, anybody could do some exam prep away from their laptop.

There are several of these books out there that are pretty the same. They’re not as good on quality as the practice test. People find errors like an answer section.

Topics I Targeted

There are specific topics in DP 203 that are worth clarifying because it seems to me like they come up a lot, and the questions are mostly of a similar format. The ones that stood out are:

  • Storage tiers. If you know hot, cold and archive, you’ll get some marks.
  • Star schema.
  • Slowly changing dimension types. 
  • Distributions for Synapse dedicated tables. Expect to get asked a question with a big Fact table and small Dimension tables. The dimension tables will want replicated distribution, and the big fact table will be hash-distributed with hashing on some foreign key type column used in joins.
  • Difference between Synapse.
  • When to use Parquet, Avro, JSON, and CSV formats. (The answer is almost always that parquet is best for querying data at scale, but they also like to make sure you know Avro is good for time-stamped data.)
  • The syntax for writing to a file or stream using Spark.

For me, these were topics I felt I could bank on. There were other topics I was confident about after practicing, but for some topics, there are lots of different ways the questions can be approached. For these, I felt I could see the patterns as fairly predictable. It’s reassuring to have some questions you can do from memory without thinking a lot.

Understanding to comprehend the Questions

Learning how to read and analyze the questions is a skill. Often the questions contain some incidental detail around a scenario (for example, the fact that it’s a grocery company) and some clues that point to an answer (for example, the size of their sales transaction table).

One doesn’t always recognize where a question is going from a first read, so people could find it helpful to scan the answers. This is dangerous, though, as you might find something you recognize and match it to a clue and jump on that. But the questions can require picking up on multiple clues.

You want to eliminate the wrong answers if possible (which is tricky if you try to go fast). Sometimes there are also multiple correct answers to select, and you’ll miss marks if you choose just one when there are two correct selections (the questions tell you when you should select multiple, but it’s easy to miss if you rush or get tired).

This is why it is recommended for the official practice exam tool – it’s great for learning the format of questions and how to read them.

How to Tackle the Exam

One doesn’t get ample duration for attending the exam to answer questions.

A few issues are additional.

Anticipate retorting approximately one question every minute or so. 

Online  vs Locational exam

Traditionally such kinds of credential exams were seized in exam locations under surveillance. Now the online versions are prominent. 

When one observes the recommendation for online exams, one can think it is confusing.  Anybody will keep marveling how one can imitate this as an online show. There are few schoolings for the online examination about protecting a clear image and demonstrating that one doesn’t possess any notes. It’s simpler.


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