Indoor Games For Kids- Easy and Fun Games That The Kids Will Love!

indoor games for kids

Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Indoor games for kids can be a ton of fun! Let us dig into various indoor games for kids that you play.  Is it one of those heavy rainy days again? Or a bone-chilling cold day when you feel like you’ll freeze if you’ll step outside of your house, let alone play fun games with your kids. No matter what kind of day and whether it is, or where you are located, there are always times when you have to stay inside.

Whether, there’s a bad weather outside your window or you’re just looking for some exciting and active games to play indoors, our huge list of fun indoor games to play are just the right solution for you.

These activities will not only help you and your kids fight boredom but also strengthen their body muscles and mind, keeping them energetic and fit. With these fun indoor games to play with, even the gloomiest of days will become bright and cheerful.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the list below to know what exciting activities you can do indoors with your kids.

Balloon Games

Kids are always excited about balloons. When a child receives a balloon, they instantly become happy and start playing and running around with it. Not just kids, even us adults get excited when we see colourful balloons, as it reminds us of our childhood and all the birthday parties that we enjoyed with our friends and family. Here are some of the indoor games your kids would enjoy.

  • Keep The Balloon Up: This classic game is for everyone and the rules are simple – just don’t let the balloon touch the floor. You can either use one balloon or multiple balloons to juggle. Just don’t let the balloon fall.
  • Penguin Waddle: Keep a balloon between the knees of your child and ask them to waddle across the room without dropping it.
  • Tap The Balloon: Tie a balloon with a string from your doorway. Make sure to keep it above your child’s arm reach and ask them to jump and tap the balloon. Count the times they can tap the balloon without missing.
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Tape Games

Did you know you can create fun indoor games with just the roll of Painter’s tape? Well, here are some genius game play ideas.

  • Tape Shape Games: Create different shapes like lines, squares, numbers or alphabets from the painter’s tape. Now, ask your kids to jump or hop from one shape to another. This will help your child to learn numbers, alphabets and activities such as – long jump, short jump, hop etc.
  • Create Race Tracks: You can use tapes to create race tracks for your kid’s matchbox cars. You can make it more exciting by creating obstacles with your furniture (if you don’t mind it being “driven” over).

Ping Pong Ball Catch

Got some plastic or paper cups in the house? Now you can use them for fun. Toss a ping pong ball towards your kid and have them catch the ball in the cup. Keep increasing the distance in between you and your child to keep it challenging. (If you don’t have a ping pong ball you can make a paper ball by using waste papers).

The Floor is Lava!

The rule of this exciting game is that, if a person says “The floor is lava” then no one is allowed to touch it. You have to move around the house by stepping on the furniture and anything they can toss on the floor.

Hide and Seek

This must be one of the most popular and the oldest indoor games on the planet. Not just kids, it can be played by a person of any age group. It’s an easy game to play where everyone hides and one person has to find them. The person found first would have to search for everyone in the next round. You can make it more exciting by playing it in a dark room, but make sure to take caution.

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Musical Chairs

This game is best for 4 or more kids playing with one additional person to play and stop the music. All you need to do is line up the chairs less than the number of players (for example, line up only 3 chairs if four players are playing) and move around it. Then, as soon as the music stops every player has to sit on the chair. The one who gets left behind loses. Decrease the number of chairs until there’s only one chair and two players left.

Board Games

Exciting, fun and classic favorite, board games are the ultimate indoor games for kids. Families are often looking for fun indoor games that require 4 or more than four players. Well, most of these board games require 4 or more players. Some of the famous board games are –

  • Monopoly
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Twister
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Candy Land

Note: As some of the games require physical activity, make sure to take precautions to avoid any injuries and ensure safety of your child.

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