Instagram Story Size Dimensions-A Detailed Description

Instagram Story Size Dimensions-A Detailed Description


Instagram story size is a relevant matter look to in?  Yes, it is, there are few things that need to be kept in mind before we post an Instagram story. Instagram is one of the most popular social media across the globe. The application allows users to post photos, videos and make IGTV videos. Furthermore, the Instagram story is a feature that enables users to share posts and videos of day to day activities. The information that lasts for 24 hours intends to make the users more active.
Moreover, Instagram stories can promote user accounts. Especially if the report is a business or marketing type. So, considering all the user-friendly features provided by Instagram. We must know to post the Instagram story in the right way. Let us examine the more dimensions of the Instagram story.

Instagram Story Facets

As we have stated earlier. T]099he process of posting an Instagram story may sound straightforward. But, we need to follow a few basic aspects associated with it. The first and foremost factor is the Instagram Story Size. Ideally,the perfect Instagram Story Size and dimension are 1080px by 1920px. That essentially means your photo or video should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height. Indeed that makes the perfect ratio of 9:16.


Moreover, the minimum Instagram story resolution is 600*1067. And also, you can keep the size of the image till 30MB, and the maximum video size that can post as your story is 4GB.

Why do you need to keep  Instagram story in the right proportion?

If you cannot put the right size image or video. Instagram will crop and sometimes zoom in your photo or video. That indeed will affect the quality of your post.

Let’s make an Instagram story

The making of the Instagram story is straightforward. Primarily you have to take a picture or shoot a video. That needs to get posted as your Instagram story. Make sure that you are capturing it vertically.
Once the image or video is getting to upload, go to the Instagram home screen.

Add the photos/videos in the add story option. Furthermore, if you require any editing in the post’s story. Also, you can do it. Many filters are available in the story option. And also other features include the polls, hashtags, location set, and so on.

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Moreover, the pictures and the videos can be taken directly from your story option. Other than images and videos, you can make boomerang clips for the Instagram story.

Image and Video Sizes for Instagram Post

At the beginning of the Instagram, image, and video size that can be uploaded were comparatively less as of now. However, the photo size is 1080 pixels to its width and 1350 pixels height. There can be variations in the size and format of the Instagram post if it gets crop out.

Like, square Instagram image, broad rectangular, and tall rectangular. However, the fixed ratio of Instagram photos is between 1.1 to 1.191. When you upload a pic, it will automatically select to its proportioned size.

Now, let’s look into the video size that is appropriate for an Instagram post. The ideal video format for the Instagram post is MP4. Moreover, the preferable video dimension is 864pixels width and 1080pixels heights.

Also, the ratio aspect is 4:5. Instagram constantly upgrades their features. Earlier, the video duration was 60 seconds. But now Instagram has featured IGTV, which eventually extended the video durations.

Distinctive Instagram Features

The unique and versatile features of Instagram makes it more widespread. Unlike other social media applications. Instagram could be well utilized in marketing and business promotions. The use of IGTV stories can also promote a brand and sell a product. Moreover, it is the best way to keep in touch with your followers actively.

Story poll feature

Instagram is well aware of people’s interests. Making people engaged and fascinating is the main key reason for social media’s success. However, by introducing the Instagram story poll feature. It had succeeded in this aspect. Instagram poll essentials function in such a way that you can ask any questions.

Your follower’s replies will be visible for you. Also, you can respond to them accordingly. For the users who love to get a public opinion in any matter, the Instagram story poll feature is best for them.


Instagram Story Mentions

Indeed, it is a simple method of being connected with your friends and followers. You can mention your followers in your story if they are directly or indirectly associated with it.

The person whom you have mentioned can add your information as to their Instagram Undoubtedly, that creates a circle connection among your followers. However, if the account is private, you cannot mention a random person unless you follow each other.

Instagram Call-to-actions

Many Instagram users may doubt the use of additional links to their stories. Indeed, many people think that they can’t add a link to their account. It is not entirely true.

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However, you can add a link. Only you have 10k followers.
This call-to-actions enables users to promote their followers. Mostly, it will be beneficial if you have products or blogs to promote.

Benefits of Instagram Story

Why are constant updates happening in Instagram Story? Why new additional features get added at regular intervals? Indeed, it essentially s intends to benefit users. Let’s look into some of the user benefits that resulted from the Instagram story.

Instagram story is one of the best ways that you can add more followers. If you regularly post Instagram stories with appropriate hashtags. Also, people may likely find your account, increasing your followers.

For the people who kill their time, for them. It is the most engaging activity. Many Instagram features like Instagram polls, Ask a question, etc. make you attractive and keep your boredom away.

Moreover, the Instagram story needs significantly less time to post. It is not a time-consuming activity. Indeed it saves users time. However, the Instagram story option is so user-friendly. That, indeed, is the reason for its popularity.

Keep In Mind

You need to keep in mind a few specific points while you post an Instagram story. It will be great if you are aware of Instagram Story Size. It is not a big deal to post an Instagram story. But you make a few mistakes unknowingly. That affects the quality of your account, and it may not benefit the way you wanted. So let’s dig into too few common mistakes that you can avoid in Instagram stories.

Sometimes, we put stories in such a way that it looks like train bogies. There are chances that your post may get skip without a proper watch. The followers can simply cut your story. Indeed, that can result in less response for your post. Try to avoid this mistake of putting too many Instagram stories at the same time.

Another mistake that you can avoid is excessive use of words in your story. As the story is only about 15 seconds, your followers may find it difficult to read your writings thoroughly if the context gets extends. So always make the papers short and straightforward.

Inappropriate use of hashtags is the other commonly visible mistakes in an Instagram story. Always use the relevant hashtag that is appropriate to the context of your account.


The Instagram story is the most highlighting feature of Instagram. If you use in nicely, it is a great feature that makes you engaged. More than just a story feature, you can make your creative fun post through the Instagram stories. Moreover, it is the ideal way to promote your products and business. However, the popularity of Instagram stories is rising day by day. An average estimation of 250 million active users presents across the globe. Let’s make more creative, unique, and entertaining Instagram Stories.

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