Is It Possible to get A Repair for Built-In Ovens?

Built-in ovens, by its name, are equipped into kitchen units. It helps us to get a modernized cooker without investing much space. In short, built-in ovens are integrated cookers that easily get blend into your kitchen.

The trick with these ovens is they are very difficult to move after they get installed. It is also problematic if you are relocating. 

Hence, if you are choosing these types of the oven for your home, then you have to find the best technician available in the town. So, if your oven breaks down to try to rely upon a trained oven repair professional and get your oven repair done. Whether it is a problem of heating or electricity trip or noise problems the engineers can help you in speedy repair of your oven.

Here are some problems faced by the built-in oven and repairs:

  • The oven is not heating

Power Cord

  • The cords one-half part of the terminal block where the wires are connected may have melted or failed to work.
  • You can also have to change the cord with a new one as well as the terminal block.

Heating Element

  • The heating element may be creating the problem. 
  • For checking the reason turn the oven on at 350 degrees and check if the element glows then shut the oven off. 
  • If the element doesn’t get warm then it may not be getting power and it needs to be replaced.

Temperature Sensor

  • The temperature sensor is a thin tube-shaped structure located at the top part of the built-in oven.
  • It is having two screws the keep it in place. 
  • The sensor can be removed by removing the screws using a screwdriver and carefully pulling it out.
  • Usually, there will be wires connected and insulation so you will need to work it out. 
  • Then unplug the switch and check using an ohmmeter. 
  • It should have a voltage around 1000-1100ohms but if the voltage is maintained then replace the sensor.
  • Some oven has a capillary tube attached to the sensor in that case problem would be in the control being attached to the tube.
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 Main Control

  • The problem in main control can cause your oven not to heat
  • If the oven relay is burnt out, then the control is unable to send power to the bake element
  • You have to replace the whole control element to cure the problem
  • Or Else the power cord needs to be replaced
  1. Oven Door is having some problem

Door Latch

  • You have to just readjust the latch
  • If the oven has a self-cleaning feature then it may be latch control is failed thus check for the motor 

Plugin the oven firstly and activate the switch but pushing the microswitch inward with a rubber handled screwdriver. 

  • If this doesn’t work then try out another way by unplugging and checking for the continuity of the switches. 
  • After checking if you find any burn marks on the motor or the wiring then just replace the motor.

Door Hinges

  • The hinges of the doors of the oven may have worn out or have got bent.
  • If they are squeaking or do not close smoothly, doors of oven should be replaced. 
  • Always keep replacing the pair of doors.
  • You should be careful as doors are under heavy pressure.

Door Seal


  • If the door seal of the oven door gets loose or has got damaged then this should be replaced or reattached. In this case, you cannot seek an oven repair service.
  • If your oven fan got stuck


    • First, you will need to check the fan wiring. 
    • To do this you will probably need to remove the back panel. 
    • This usually gives you access to the fan assembly. 
    • Remove the wire connector. 
  • Next, you can check to see if the motor is getting power, to do this connect voltmeter to wire connector to fan. The fan should not have voltage when the oven is off. 

Fan Thermostat

  • Some ovens have a thermostat seated usually on the top of the oven
  • These are usually round metal and wired to the fan 
  • These work by detecting heat from the oven 
  • When a certain amount of heat is detected it allows power to travel through it to run the fan
  • This thermostat should have continuity when the oven reaches a certain temperature if it always has continuity to replace the thermostat

     Main Control

  • The main control may have failed
  • If the fan motor and thermostat check well the control is at fault and needs to be replaced

Bottom Line

There are some issues for which you can avail Appliance Repair Service even for built-in ovens, while for some issues, you have to go for replacement only.

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