Job and Responsibilities of Land Surveyors

You might own a land in the form of a dense forest or plain land. In order to find out the land areas and the accurate measurements, it is important to survey the property. Every land is not a rectangular or square plot; the land area varies so it becomes important to find the proper shape and the measurement of the plot. Surveyors are responsible for these measurements by doing the proper research of the object, so the land surveyors are responsible to find out the proper measurement including the placement of each object in the maps or site plans. It may be a lamppost, a tree or any structure with complete details of the existence of the plot.

The main surveys practiced by the land surveyors are as follows:

  1. Compass is the main instrument used by the surveyors to find out the North Pole. In every land site plan, the determination of the North Pole is important to make better planning or layout of the plan. The site plan is measured by the determination of the north. Many types of compass are available in the market; the two main categories of compass used are “plain and Vernier” compass. The plain compass can determine the magnetic north only while the Vernier compass can be used to shut the magnetic North and then determine the true north direction.
  2. Two main survey methods are known as transit and theodolite survey. The instrument used for both the survey processes is differently used for measuring the horizontal and vertical angles. The surveying instrument used by the land surveyors for transit survey is a small tripod-mounted telescope that can move freely in horizontal and vertical planes.
  3. Theodolite survey is the process of surveying that can be used to measure the land with more accuracy. The angles are measured which gives a more accurate measurement of land area. The telescope is attached to the instrument so that distant objects can be precisely visible that are mostly used for measuring land areas for constructions of buildings.
  4. A transit survey is one of the oldest modes of the survey that has been replaced by a theodolite survey. The land surveyor work on the theodolite surveys for more accuracy also it is easy to use the instrument. Land surveyors are also responsible for providing an accurate site plan using the drawing software. One of the common software used for drawing site plans in AutoCAD that can be used to implement an accurate plan or layout for the proper building designs.
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Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors

Qualification for land surveyors:

It is technical education and so you need to know about the techniques and tools required by proper study of the subject. You need to complete graduation from the engineering and technical college to work as a surveyor. The four to five years courses are for graduation or else you can also study for a diploma course in a survey to start working as a surveyor and understand the tools such as dumpy level tool, Y level tool and automatic level tools that are required during the land survey. In both the courses, both theoretical and practical knowledge is taught, most detailed courses are found in the graduation.

Land surveyors are responsible for site survey, construction survey, boundary survey, topography survey, and many other land surveys and are trained in their courses. The topography survey is determined with the leveling of the land area with data of elevation points shown by the contour lines. It is a detailed form used in the hilly and mountainous areas for cutting and leveling of the land. The plain surveys are used for plain surface areas.

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