Joker’s New Flame Is ‘Punchline’ And She Just Wants To Stab Everyone

DC comic is known to develop unique and fierce characters. DC comic works on magic too but mostly they try to form characters that we can easily relate to in our daily life or some part of that character. One of the most promoted character ever created by DC comics is without any doubts Arthur Fleck, or his stage name Joker. According to many comic books Joker’s original name is still not specified but most of the movies used Arthur.

After losing his family he became Joker later on he was captivated in Arkham a mental hospital for the criminally insane, where he met Harleen for the first time. Harleen Quinzel better known as Harley Quinn was Joker’s certified therapist but later became his girlfriend or well Pet.

Most of people love the chemistry between Harley and Joker and how in tuned they are with each other. But, there relationship is so toxic, it reeks of toxicity and no one is ready for that conversation. This relationship is not equally toxic, it’s just toxic to Harley.

Now imagine being someone who worked so freaking hard and served almost 7-8 years in medical school, worked even harder to become a psychiatrist and earning license and you end up acting in circus and shows. That’s just a waste of life, which is exactly what happened to Harley. After she met with Joker and started his treatment instead of getting treated Joker started his voodoo magic on Harley’s mind. Instead of replying to the question asked by Harley, he used to ask weird question to her and manipulate her into believing in a different kind of life.

In the latest of Harley and Joker news, it has been heard that Harley and Joker has finally split up. It is also heard that Harley is finally done with Joker, but this has been a case in many earlier comics too, where they broke up but Harley was manipulated and coaxed over and over again by Joker into a false relationship. This time the news has been confirmed because Joker has put a hit on Harley. It is also said that Harley just wants to Stab everyone, especially Joker and Batman.

In the new movies that are being made by the DC Comics, it has been observed that Harley hates Joker’s guts and wants nothing to do with him. Like any girl that is distressed and has recently had a breakup Harley too, in the new upcoming movie has seen with very short hair meaning she has chopped off her hair, in throes post breakup trauma. She is also seen forming alliances with the good part of Gotham and Starling City. In the upcoming movie she is seen with Renee Montaya, Black Canary and Huntress too.

All this has led us to believe that now Harley has finally regained the sane part of her brain and is getting rid of Joker. Hopefully now she will not believe in all the bullshit that Joker has been spewing since they met.

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All in all, not just Joker and Harley split up. Harley is also leading her life to a better place from the dark place she was in, when she was with Joker

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