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wondering how to deal with a thesis paper? Read here to learn all about thesis paper writing, including the definition of a thesis, process, etc., in detail.

Are you in college learning to write different types of academic papers? If yes, you must develop a thesis paper sooner or later. Unfortunately, most students make many mistakes while developing thesis papers because they fail to understand the different types of academic papers and their requirements.

Thesis writing is quite different from writing an essay or an assignment. To develop a thesis paper, you must conduct thorough research and pay extra attention to what you are writing, especially if it is your first time.

What is a Thesis?

If this is your first time learning about a thesis, then understand that it is a paper you must submit to complete your degree, be it academics or professional. The purpose of this paper is to showcase the research that you have conducted and your findings.

When you talk about a thesis, it could be from the perspective of a bachelor’s or master’s course. The word thesis indicates a paper’s claim, most probably an essay or similar type of paper.

A thesis can be considered only if it proposes reasonable and justifiable points. Moreover, those points need to be good enough that people can find reasons to disagree. Finally, the arguments and statements need to be strong and proactive.

Most students confuse thesis and dissertation. So, clear your concept before you deal with these papers.

Moreover, you need to include a thesis statement in your paper. This thesis statement is often considered the trickiest part of the paper so ensure you send a strong and clear message.

How to Write a Thesis Paper?

So now that you know what a thesis is all about let us move on to learning how to write an impactful thesis paper. Here is what you need to know.

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1. Title Page

When writing a thesis paper, the first page should include the title and the following details.

  • title of your thesis
  • the name of the author
  • Institution- college/university
  • Department you belong to
  • date of submission
  • the degree name
  • the name of the research supervisor
  • the institution they belong to
  • Their email addresses

3. Abstract

Next is the abstract part of your thesis, which is basically a short summary. You need to write this section to explain the importance of your thesis. If you want to develop a good one, then ensure it is readable, concise, and quantitative. when writing the abstract, you need to check the following:

  • it should explain the importance of the thesis paper
  • you need to wrap it up within 400 words that are 1 or 2 paragraphs
  • it usually does not include citation
  • avoid repeating the same content
  • make use of numbers if needed
  • must include the answer to questions

3. Introduction

Now comes the interesting part of your paper. You need to begin with an introduction like every other paper. The introduction must include the purpose of the topic and its relevance, and it should also give a general idea about what the readers can expect from this thesis paper.

Most students prefer to develop the body of the thesis before developing the introduction because you need to have a recent idea about the body of the paper when writing the introduction because you have to give the background details. Moreover, you need to include a hook statement in the introductory paragraph.

The statement is meant to make the readers curious and allow them to read the entire paper without feeling bored.

Now you need to write a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, which should be of one line, and it needs to convey the central message of the thesis paper.

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4. Methods

Next comes the methods; this is where you have to explain the entire research that you have conducted. In this section, you need to include the following things-

You need to mention what type of research you have conducted, like quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic or experimental.

What is your overall approach?

Mention when and where the research is done

You need to mention the methods that you have used to make the analysis of the data that you have collected.

What are the tools that you have used to develop this paper?

Constraints that you have encountered by developing the research

The overall evaluation and justification of the paper

5. Discussion

This is the section where you explain how you have found the solution to the research questions and their implications. You need to explain in detail the results and whether you have been able to successfully meet the expectations or failed to do so.

You need to begin with some sentences and jeez the main points of the results and ensure that this section is brief. Moreover, it should refer to the scholarly work to focus on your findings with the already existing findings.


The last part of the entire paper is the thesis conclusion, which is meant to wrap up the entire research work precisely. The conclusion should leave a clear imprint on the readers and the justifications behind the arguments of the paper.

Dimension points and the details about how to write a thesis paper can help you understand as a beginner, and you can use this as a guide.

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