Few Delicious Lebanese Foods That You Need to Try

Lebanese Foods


Lebanese foods are widely popular cuisine all around the world. They are innovative and delicious cuisines. Moreover, its variety is the main reason for its popularity and wide acceptance.Food or cooking is not about just consumption. It gets connects with culture, geography, and so on. In this context, Lebanese foods links with culinary practices and traditions of Lebanon.

Moreover, the Middle-East countries have a strong association with Lebanese foods. Large varieties of Lebanese cuisines get prepared from meats of lamb, chicken, buffalo, etc. Furthermore, grains, vegetables, and fishes are also reaching use in the making of various Lebanese dishes.
The unique and flavorsome Lebanese cuisines are worth trying. Let’s see some of the Lebanese foods that are popularly available.


Kafta is one of the most popular Lebanese food. In Middle-East, the dish is popular in the name of Kofta. The typical kafta cuisine is made up of beef finely chopped.

Moreover, Kafta gets prepared in different variations. The base meatball gets baked with fine potatoes, and vegetables are one of the one variety. Furthermore, many salads and white rice gets served while having Kafta.

Lebanese Foods


If you have finely chopped beef, onions, parsley, and the blend spices, you can prepare the authentic Kafta. However, the Kafta is a grilled dish that will serve you as tasty food at lunch or dinner.


Shawarma is one of the most popular Lebanese food. It gained wide acceptance across the world. It is the easily available Lebanese street food. Primarily Shawarma is prepared out of finely sliced meat, mostly chicken or mutton. Furthermore, this meat gets stack in an iron rod and roasted well by turning the stacked to the rod.

Lebanese Foods


If you are a food lover and explorer, this meat roast scene will make your mouth watering. The roasts meat is constantly gets shaved off from the grill rod. However, the Shawarma gets to add to serve in a sandwich or hot dog bread. The vegetable salads like cucumber, tomato add with the delicious shawarma roast. Moreover, mayonnaise cream also gets add to get a delicious taste.

The Shawarma can’t get to consider a proper meal. But undoubtedly, it serves a heavy pack starter. Besides, the excellent stuff large Shawarma will be a great choice of food if you like to have something not so heavy.


The crunch and hot, delectable Kibbeh are one of the most popular Lebanese food. It gets to consider the national food of Lebanese. What exactly is the kibbeh cuisine and what gets used in the making of Kibbeh, let’s look into it.

Lebanese Foods


The Kibbeh is the dish having wheat as its base. However, the meat gets add with different other things that make it tasty. The highlighting part of the Kibbeh is the fillings that get added to it. It needs to get fill in the right quantity. The appropriate quantity of meat and blend fillings makes this item more special and delicious. Furthermore, the Kibbeh is in the shape of small balls. The fried Kibbeh is one of the best delicious Lebanese food that you can try.

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If you are looking for a simple and vegetarian oriented Lebanese food, then hummus is one of the best choices that you can have. Hummus is a simple Lebanese dish prepared with chickpeas added with tahini, garlic, and lemon.

Lebanese Foods


Hummus is an Arabic word meaning chickpeas. The nutrition-packed hummus is one of the healthiest Lebanese food. However, you only need four main ingredients in the making of hummus. The main ingredient is chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon. You can have wheat or sandwich bread as a combination with the hummus. It is one of the authentic healthiest, delicious and simple Lebanese food of all time.


Fatteh authentic Lebanese food. It is the best food for breakfast. It gets prepare in both ways as vegetarian Fatteh and non-vegetarian. Fatteh is a simple yet nutritious food that contains chickpeas, toasted nuts, yogurt, and more.


You can consume Fatteh with wheat bread or any flatbread. The nutritious pack Fatteh is best to consume in the morning, helping you in an active routine throughout the day. On the other hand, if you are a non-veg person, you can have a meat variety of Fatteh.


Manakish is known as the ‘Lebanese Pizza,’ is one most popular Lebanese food. It is a simple and delicious cuisine having a flatbread and toppings. However, the flatbread will be soft and crispy.


A variety of toppings get to add to a manakish like cheese, onions, and tomato stuff. Manakish generally gets consume as a breakfast dish. Moreover, manakish cuisine is more popular among middle-class people. It is because of its affordability. Usually, the size of a manakish is the same as a normal pizza. By adding more of different toppings, the variations of the Manakish dish gets prepared.

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Lebanese food has a lot of varieties, including different and delicious salads. Tabbouleh is a typical salad cuisine of Lebanese. Salads hold an important position in the Lebanese cuisines. However, tabbouleh gets prepare out of tomatoes, bulgur, parsley, and onions. Moreover, it is well mix with lemon juice, salt, and olive oil.



Fattoush is a Lebanese salad that gets in preparation with pita bread or croutons. The pieces of bread are well crush and get the mix to make the salad. Furthermore, the fattoush salad gets to mix with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt.

Ful Medames

If you are looking for a well healthy breakfast, then Ful Medames will serve you the best. Full Medames is a stew that gets prepare out of beans and other nuts. Also, it gets to serve with cumin and olive oil. The earliest associations of ful medames are with Egypt. But now it’s a popular Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanese Foods

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The wide varieties of garlic, onion, lemon juice, pepper, and more vegetables get to add to Ful medames. Indeed that makes it more delicious. However, it is one of the most consumed Lebanese breakfast.


Have you ever thought about the popularity that Lebanese food has in the world? Despite delicious cuisines, other factors had led to the popularity of Lebanese food. The first and essential factor is location/geography. Lebanese culture is strongly associates with Middle-East countries. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Sharjah, Dammam, etc. Lebanese foods are quite popular in this region.

However, there are millions of people across the globe who work in Middle-East countries. So naturally, people from other states get expose to such food varieties. It eventually results in the acceptance of Lebanese food. Lebanese foods get wide acceptance in many parts of the world, especially in the Indian subcontinent.


Each geography and region has its unique cuisines. Irrespective of its geography, if cooking or food available in a different place indicates the cultural acceptance of that region. Furthermore, in this context, food acts in the level of cultural exchange. If you try a diverse cuisine of a particular area, it tells about that region and people. Lebanese food has different varieties that you can try.

Each Lebanese food intends to have consumed in separate timings. For instance, some Lebanese foods like Fatteh, full medames are preferable to have in the morning as a breakfast dish. However, considering Lebanese food’s current availability, it will undoubtedly be a delightful experience to have delicious Lebanese cuisines.

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