Maintenance Tips For The Residential Air Conditioning System

It is easy to get an air conditioning system at home at an affordable cost. However, we can quickly lose the money we spent on it if we forget to maintain the system properly. It is especially crucial for the householders to keep the machine in a running condition in the summer season.

For that, we have to take an oath to maintain the air conditioner on every interval so that it can perform effortlessly in summer. Once the professionals install air conditioning Sutherland shire at your home, we must make sure that It stays in a better condition to give us long-lasting services. It can also help us in saving electricity bills by the end of the month.

Going through the filters

In any air conditioning system, it is mandatory for the machine to trap dust so that it doesn’t clog the evaporator coils. This trapping thing is done by removable filters in the indoor systems. We can remove these filters easily without any trouble. Furthermore, we can also wash them carefully with the regular soap and water so that dust accumulated over the years can go away. For that, we should make sure to rinse and dry it properly, putting it back in the unit.

Experts also suggest that we shouldn’t use chemicals and gasoline to clean the filters. It can increase the probability of damaging it permanently. Repeating the process at least one someone can enable us to maintain the air conditioning system effectively.

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Checking the evaporator

Evaporator coils are sure to get dirty if we fail to clean them for months. When ensuring that it ends up working correctly, we can use a clean cloth for a vacuum cleaner to suck in the dust from the coils. When we repeat the process every two weeks, we can ensure to have fresh air at home without any obstruction.

Drain channels

We should use a stiff wire and pass it through the channels to clean the clogged dust inside. Along with that, if the channels are blocked, the excess humidity that should have been passed would start discoloring the walls. Even the carpets wouldn’t be left alone at this time.

Air conditioning system in winter

In the winter season, we are likely to use heater instead of air conditioners. The latter is kept hidden in the storeroom for the entire season that makes it in an unmaintained stage. We should be accustomed to protect the conditioning system in the winter from cold and debris by covering the outer unit of it.

Watching out for the condenser

In every indoor air conditioner, the location of the condensing unit is always on the outside area of the house. It is precisely the area where the condenser is placed. The fan above the condenser coil is essential since it helps in avoiding heat while the air conditioning system provides the inner rooms with cold air. We should make sure that the fan works appropriately to enhance the life of the condenser.

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Looking out for an expert

At times, it becomes a difficult job for most of us maintain air conditioner maintenance when things get worse with the system. What we can do is call out the expert experienced for the maintenance of the air conditioner. Check out many things such as the amount of refrigerant, leak detection, heating and cooling system, evaporator coil, central system, and much more.


We can all approach the ducted air conditioning Sutherland shir experts that excel in providing high-quality services to maintain the air conditioner for a long time. Still, we can always follow easy steps that allow us to maintain the air conditioning system appropriately. If things get out of our hands, we can always approach these professionals that aspire to satisfy our demands.

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