Points to be kept in mind for Medium Length hair men

 Medium Length hair men

In a world full of pollution, it is advisable to have short hair. I am pretty sure that your mom would have said the same thing. But she doesn’t know that how bad it looks. Almost everyone who has short hair looks like a school-going kid. So, to avoid such a scenario medium-length hair men cuts are getting popular. People prefer to have a medium-length haircut or a long haircut. 

Well, convincing your mom for a new haircut or going alone to the salon to get your hair chopped off is relatively easy. The most challenging part is to maintain the hairstyle. 

To help you to maintain your hair correctly, we are here with a fantastic blog post. This blog post will understand the ordinary and essential hair care routine, which medium-length hair men must follow

Before getting started with the regular hair care routine, let’s first look at the reasons as to why someone should follow this hair care routine

Why follow this hair care routine:- 

  • People of any age group can follow this simple hair care routine. 
  • The products used during the whole process are very affordable. So, anyone can try these out and can save several bucks. 
  • It can solve major hair care issues like dry and curly hair, hair fall, and dandruff and make your hair look good.
  • We will discuss several techniques that one must use to promote healthy hair growth and help solve all hair-related issues.

 Medium Length hair men

Haircare routine for medium length hair men

So many reasons are pretty enough to follow this simple hair care routine at home and have healthy and shiny hair. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with our primary topic, which is a hair care routine for medium length hair men:- 

  • Starting with the basics, determine your scalp type:- It is essential to decide on the scalp type. Now you might be wondering what does that means and how one can do that? Don’t worry; after completing the topic, we have mentioned about scalp test. 
  • Use a good shampoo. One must not keep the shampoo on the scalp for more than a minute and should wash their hair 3-4 times a week. If you are a gym enthusiast or do workouts daily, you must wash your hair more often or immediately after the training. 
  • Now dap your hair, and after a time gap of two to three minutes, apply conditioner to your hair. Do not use conditioner on your scalp. Now apply the conditioner, and allow it to rest in your hair for at least 4-5 minutes. After 5 minutes, wash your hair.
  • After shampoo, and conditioner allow your hair to get dry.
  • Wait, have you heard parents saying that one must oil their hair and keep it for at least two to three days. Those times were different. These days due to an increase in pollution and other factors, our hair gets damaged and frizzy. So to avoid such situations and to maintain good hair, one must oil the hair. Oil helps in many ways to repair the damaged hair. Following things must be kept in mind while oiling the hair:- 
  • For oily scalp, one must oil the hair for only one hour. That is, after applying oil, one must wash it away in an hour. 
  • Dry hair can keep the hair oily for 4 hours to 8 hours. 
  • Those who have combination hair can apply oil and rest for 2-3 hours and then wash it with a good shampoo. 
  • One must wisely select the oil. As, if you are facing dandruff issues, then your oil must have anti-bacterial properties. One can find these properties in tea tree oil, ginger oil. In case if you are facing a hair loss issue, then you must use bhingraj herb oil. 

How to do the scalp test for medium-length hair men?

Scalp tests can be done quickly at home, with the help of a tissue paper. First, one needs to do the shampoo. After washing your hair with shampoo, do all your activities. After 8 hours, take a tissue paper, and rub it on your scalp. 

  • If the tissue paper gets oily, then that indicates that your scalp is oily. 
  • If there are small dots on the tissue, then that would suggest that your scalp is normal.
  • Suppose the tissue’s condition is the same. There is not a single drop of oil, which indicates that your scalp is dry. 
  • If your scalp is oily and you have curly hair, that suggests that you have a combination scalp. 

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Points that you must consider while doing the scalp test

  • One must not apply conditioner after using shampoo.
  • One must avoid doing a workout or any physical activity, which may lead to sweat. (During the 8 hours tenure.)

So, this was all about the hair care routine for medium-length hair for men. To get the best results, you must follow a proper diet if you eat all junk and do the hair care routine. Then things won’t work. 

To make things work and get smooth hair, one must follow a proper and balanced diet plan. With a good diet and following a step-by-step hair care routine, one can get slippery, shiny, and manageable hair. 

We know that it’s difficult and costs bucks to get a customized diet plan. So, we have mentioned few things which one must do, apart from following the steps:- 

  • Avoid eating junk food.
  • Drink plenty of water. To get good and healthy hair, one must drink at least 3 liters of water per day. 
  • Start consuming neem water. It is advisable to add one tablespoon crushed neem to the water and to drink it before breakfast. 
  • Try including nuts like walnuts, almonds in your breakfast. 
  • Include hair food in your diet. Hair food includes all the food products which are rich in Protein, Zinc, and B Complex. Some of the sources of these nutrients are soya beans, eggs, almonds, peanut butter, spinach, Kuttoo ka atta, safed channa, beans, and pulses. 
  • Strictly avoid eating pizzas, burgers, soda, Pepsi, cheese, cream, coffee, bread, fries, and everything that has artificial sugar or maida in it. These food items are delicious, but they harm the hair by promoting hair fall, frizziness, and other hair concerns. 
  • If you face a severe hair fall issue or any other concern, start taking magnesium supplements with zinc, Kergalo Eva, and Holland and Barrett. Or you can even start with a primary and pocket-friendly multivitamin tablet, that is, “A to Z.”

If you follow the above-mentioned hair care routine and all the instructions, do’s, and do not’s, you will surely get good results. 

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