Most Expensive house title belongs to whom? Check out the list of expensive houses all around the globe.

The most expensive house

Imagine living in a billion-dollar mansion with maids and servants to assist you. I am sorry, but my imagination can not go that far. The reason I am not able to imagine is that I never saw such mansions from inside. Moreover, I am unaware of how they work! Besides, let us bring our car back to the track. Then, we will share the list of expensive houses in the world. Also, we will get to know who owns the most expensive house around the globe. Is it the Queen of London or Ambani’s? Read this out to see the answer!

The list of Most Expensive house is here! Do explore

This section will inform you about the expensive houses and their owners. Also, we will get to know who has the most expensive place of them all. Finally, we will start our journey by listing the least to the most expensive house in a sequence. 

Michael Jordan Highland Parks : The most expensive house list


Everybody knows Jordan. It is no secret that Michael Jordan enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. To begin with, He is currently living in a fat mansion of seven acres in Highland parks. In addition, This mansion worth 15 million dollars has 15 garages, a basketball and tennis courts. The house consists of nine luxurious bedrooms and seventeen bathrooms. However, the house has been available for sale in the market for several years now. But, Jordan is unable to get suitable buyers. As a result, Michael is paying around 100,000 dollars annually as a property tax. He put the house for sale in 2012 and has paid approx. $700,000 property tax

At Least I understood an important lesson here! It requires trucks of money to buy and maintain the house!

The Textile Museum

Image credits: Wikipedia

The Textile Museum of Washington D.C. has an estimated value of $23 million. Jeff Bezos, the recent billionaire and CEO of Amazon, purchased the property for $23 million cash. According to the Washington Post, Bezos paid $1 million extra to buy the museum. 

Moreover, Bezos owns two more mansions near the Textile museum. They were sold for $19 million.

The Getty Residence, New York

The mesmerizing design structure of the building will take your breath away. Will you believe that The Getty residences were once the gas station in Manhattan? No? I thought so! If it was a gas station, I guess its architect Peter Marino has done a great job. Now, it is nothing less than a luxurious five-star resort. However, The only difference is that it is not a resort. Instead, it is a condo building with a lot more facilities.

Image credits: Wikipedia

Moreover, In 2018, the famous investor Rober F. Smith bought the top three floors of the building worth $59 million. Wow! It is a significant investment, don’t you agree?

Anyway, moving on to our next expensive house/building.

Kim and Kanye’s family house is the most expensive house

Suppose you are not aware of their home in California. Let me introduce you! Kim and Kanye own a big mansion in Hidden Hills. They bought the house for $20 million. However, after the renovation, the value of the home increased to $60 million. 

The Most expensive House

Image Credits: Pinterest

Furthermore, the house was once the property of Lisa Marie Presley. But, after exchanging vows, Mr. and Mrs. West purchased it.

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Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in February 2021. So now, the big question is who will keep the house? If we look at the figures, Kanye is the owner of the house. But, Kim holds ownership of the land. However, Kim, along with her children, is residing inside the house while Kanye is staying in Wyoming.

Oprah Winfrey’s Million dollar Promised land.

Oprah Winfrey is currently living in her 23000 sq. foot mansion in California. She purchased the house from Jeff Bridges. Now, the value of the home is more than 100 million. Moreover, the house is ancient and has a traditional deal. James Osborn Craig built the house in 1919 with four gardens. 

Image credits: Wikimapia

Though, Oprah is very secretive when it comes to her private life. However, she could not stop herself from showing the beauty of Montecito’s Promised Land. Further, Oprah resides in this 70-acres land with her partner Stedman Graham. 

The Bel Air Home

The Bel Air residence belongs to the most famous couple of Hollywood, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. The house is not less than a paradise from the inside out. This fully loaded Bel Air home estimated value is $88 million. Moreover, the house has four swimming pools and a basketball court. Also, the house has a living space of 30,000 sq. feet and an outdoor space of 10,000 sq. feet.

Image credits: Financial Times

The Playboy Mansion West

The Playboy Mansion is on the list of the most expensive houses, with an estimated value of 100 million. The house was once the residence of Late Hugh Hefner. Hugh was the founder of the Playboy magazine who owned this 1972 estate. He lived in the mansion for 43 years. However, after his death, David Metropoulos purchased the house for $100 million. 

Furthermore, the house has everything one can ask for. It has a beautiful cave, six bedrooms and bathrooms, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

Arthur R. Kelly built the house in 1927 with 29 rooms.

Xanadu 2.0

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Xanadu 2.0 is the Bill Gates house with a view of Lake Washington. It took seven years to complete this 66,000 sq. foot house. Furthermore, Bill Gates invested $63 million to make it extraordinary. The place is loaded with high technology equipment such as temperature and lightning sensors, under a pool music system, a private library, etc. Moreover, the house consists of beautiful computerized artwork. You have the liberty to change it with a click. There are 24 bathrooms and six kitchens in this $125.5 million house.

Palazzo di Amore 

One of the most incredible and expensive houses in the world, built at 38,000 sq foot. The developer Bruce Makowsky added every amenity one could dream about. This Beverly Hills house has an estimated value of $195 million. 

Image Credits: TheMilliardaire

Moreover, A real estate billionaire Jeff Greene purchased the house for $35 million. He renovated the house for a few years, and the value of the home increased.

Furthermore, the house consists of a 24 car garage, 25 bathrooms, an Infinity pool with the capacity of 150 persons, a guest house, vineyard, and wine cellar, etc.

The One: Bel Air resident in L.A.

Image Credits: Wikipedia

The house is like a heaven on earth with more than 100,000 sq. feet of living space. It is one of the prominent buildings in the Bel Air residential area with a comprehensive view of L.A.L.A. downtown, The Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the view of the San Gabriel Mountains from the mansion is scenic.

This lavish mansion with 21 bedrooms, 26 ceilings, five swimming pools, 42 bathrooms, etc. worth $340 million.

Palais Bulles or Bubble Palace

Image credits: Wikipedia

Bubble Palance is one of the biggest houses in Theoule. Anti Lovegg built this house for Pierre Bernard, a French industrialist. However, the French designer Pierre Cardin bought the home and visited there during the holidays. For Cardin, it is his private paradise and full of surprises. Also, the house has several facilities and is worth $390 million. However, after the death of Cardin, the house will become a public venue for exhibitions and events.

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Villa Les Cedres

Image credits: Wikimapia

This house in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is an ancient building. The house was built in 1830. Its other name is Villa The Birds. The house was the residence of mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, David Désiré Pollonais. However, the family lived in the house till 1904. After That, David’s heir sold the house to King Leopold II, the king of Belgium.

Furthermore, this villa is worth $410 million with beautiful gardens and ancient oil paintings.

Mar-a-Lago, Florida: Donald Trump’s estate in the Most expensive house list

It is a beautiful residence located in Palm Beach, Florida. The house was a resort before. However, Donal Trump transformed it into a mesmerizing mansion. Moreover, Trump bought the resort from Marjorie Merriweather Post in 1985 for $10 million.

The most expensive house

Image credits: Wikipedia

Today, its estimated value is $160 million with unseen luxuries. Also, Donal lived in this mansion till 1995 and converted it into a club. However, after leaving the White House, he came back to living in the villa again.

Holmby Hills’ The Manor

Aaron Spelling, the late T.V.T.V. producer, used to live in this manner since 1968. Being one of the largest houses in L.A.L.A., its estimated value is $150 million. Petra Ecclestone bought the house in 2011 fr $85 million. Moreover, If you don’t know, Petra! She is the daughter of the billionaire and CEO of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone.

The most expensive house

Image credits: Wikipedia

It is a French-Chateau-style mansion built in over 56,500 sq ft. Furthermore, it has 123 rooms, 14 bedrooms, and 27 bathrooms.

Furthermore, according to the sources, the house was sold in 2019 for $119.7 million. But, the name of the owner is unknown.

220 Central Park Midtown Manhattan

The most expensive house

Image credits: Wikipedia

Kenneth C. Griffin made history by purchasing the most expensive house all over America. He bought the sky-scraping 220 Central parks for the price of $238 million. Robert A.M.Stern designed this 24000 square feet building with unending luxuries and comforts. In this 79 story resident, you can find everything from a theatre to a spa room. Moreover, the massive building is located in New York near 59th Street Central Park south.


Witanhurst London Mansion

The most expensive house

Image credits: Wikipedia

One of the largest and ancient built mansions over 5 acres of land in North London. The 20th century-old mansion has 25 bedrooms and 40 other rooms. The house has a traditional value and has been used for ages for shooting periodic movies or dramas such as Fame Academy, Lost prince, etc. This beautiful house has several ancient assets with an estimated value of $450 million. Moreover, the house is the second largest residence in all of London.

Lily Safra’s Leopolda Villa

The Villa has seen several big owners such as Marella Agnelli, l’Avvocato, Dorothy J.Killam, Izaak Walton etc. However, Edmond J. Safra owned the villa in 1997 and has been the house of Mr. and Mrs.Safra since. Unfortunately, after the sudden death of Mr. Safra, the house now belongs to Lily Safra.

The most expensive house

Image credits: Wikipedia

Lily Safra lives on this 50 acres of land with a helipad, swimming pool, and Outdoor kitchen. Moreover, the house got its name after King of Belgium Leopold II. Also, according to the books, The king gifted this mansion to his beloved mistress in the early 20s. However, Ogden Codman, Jr. redesigned the house in 1920. As of now, the home is worth $750 million. Yes, you heard it right!

Now, it is time to mention the top two most expensive houses in the world. These houses are worth billions of dollars. Let’s move further!

Second Most expensive House: Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia 

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest men in the world with the second most expensive house. His house is worth $1-2 billion. Moreover, Antilia has been the residence of Ambani and his family since 2012. It is a sky-touching 27 stories building with three helipads, a ball room, terrace gardens, temple, spa care, nine elevators, a 50 seat theatre, etc. The house covers over 37,000 sq meters of area and is 173 m tall. Also, its six floors are alone for parking cars.

The most expensive house: Buckingham Palace U.K.

The most expensive house

Image Credits: Wikipedia

This palace tops the list of the most expensive houses with a $2.9 billion estimated value. Moreover, the court serves a long history of Monarchs who resided here. Currently, The queen of England lives in this royal palace with almost 775 rooms. Buckingham house was built in 1703 for John Sheffield, the duke of Buckingham. The house has seen several wars since. However, it is still standing with honor and royalty.

Conclusion: The most expensive house

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article. It was all about the most expensive house. I am still shocked to know that people have that kind of money. All the homes we discussed are full of amenities and luxuries. Moreover, Buckingham Palace, England, and Antilia in India topped the list, worth billions. In the end, I thank you for reading the article. Take care and be safe!

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