4 Myths About Hiring Wedding Photographers During Coronavirus Lockdown

Myths About Hiring Wedding Photographers During Coronavirus Lockdown

Are you getting married soon? Are you wondering whether or not you should hire a wedding photographer in Delhi due to coronavirus lockdown? You can hire a photographer, but avoid many gatherings. You should give a thought to which photography professional you should hire for your wedding day in Delhi. Whosoever you are planning to hire for candid wedding photography in Delhi, you should not ignore these myths. 

Read this blog and bust some common myths about the best wedding photography in the national capital. 

Hiring a photographer for a Wedding is Difficult due to COVID-19 Crisis.

No. It’s not like this. Hiring a photographer is easy. Though you can’t celebrate your wedding as you might have planned, you can do it. Hiring professional photographers is quite easy, especially when the internet facility is available round the clock. Just search the best wedding photographer in Delhi on Google and you will get hundreds of popular wedding photographers in the capital. But, keep social distancing, wearing the mask, and other guidelines issued by local authorities and the government in mind. 

Wedding Photography in Delhi is too expensive due to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Coronavirus outbreak has nothing to do with the expenses of wedding photography services in Delhi. The charges of the service depend on the company or the photographer you are hiring for the wedding. If you think, photographers work for a few hours during this tough time, you are wrong. A good photography company in the city captures all the moments of the wedding.  They understand the importance of their service.

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So, they try not to spoil photographs. They better understand that even if the city is under lockdown, they cannot overcharge or cheat people just because of the disease. Some of the reliable and experienced photographers spend hours to capture the best moment of the wedding. They happen to spend time fitting into a particular moment. They spend countless hours and proceed upon the end of the wedding day in post-production. 

Photographers cannot come to shoot the wedding because public transport is not available. 

Remember the service of a wedding photography company depends on the type of company you have chosen for your wedding. Generally, every well-established and prominent company has its own transportation facility. They don’t depend on public transport. They have nothing to do with this service. If they promise, they would come. It’s advisable to search for a company that has a reputation and name in the industry. Before hiring them, check their previous records and portfolio to ensure the level of service they provide to their clients. 

I will have to direct the photographer so that every special minute is captured.

Wrong. You don’t need to direct photographers at every moment to take a snap of the best moment. Photographers are experts. They carved a niche in the industry. They know what things should be captured and what needs to avoid. So, you won’t need to direct the photographer at each moment. 


Just because the city is under lockdown, you can’t say that I will not hire the photographer. If you follow all the guidelines issued by the central government or local authority, your wedding will really be much appreciated. Above are the common myths about wedding photographers in Delhi.

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