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Playschools are one of the most important stepping stones for children because it is one of the first times when they are stepping out of their comfort zones, meeting other children their age, and interacting with new faces. Every child must attend a play school because it teaches them a lot in every respect, be it regarding their motor skills or cognitive development. A common concern that parents have regarding sending their children to playschools in Chennai is their nutrition. So, it seems an excellent idea to help parents resolve this issue. 

Common eating problems that children face

Parents must understand the relationship between a child’s environment and his eating habits. It is natural for a child to eat enjoyably only when he is comfortable in his environment. Or, the child can exhibit the exact opposite behavior. The teacher needs to instill a sense of belonging in the child. A secure feeling of love and trust can be created through several playschools games and activities where the teacher and child must participate together. However, there is also a possibility that a child may start overeating or experience pangs of hunger drives. 

A counter problem is a lack of eating or malnutrition. At home, the presence of the mother or the caregiver influences the child’s appetite. But it is completely missing in the playschool. The teacher plays the mother’s role in the playschool, and it is why Maria Montessori always spoke highly of employing ladies at the junior levels of teaching. It is her role to give utmost priority to the child and create a wholesome environment. The teachers and parents must join hands to work together and put in a collaborative effort to feed nutritious food to the child. 

What should you feed the child?

Another concern parents face is what to feed the child. Now, both parents and must teachers remember that the child is developing rapidly and needs nutritious food daily. To begin with, the little child must be fed regularly. It implies that it is incredibly harmful to the child to miss any meal because the young body needs to develop healthily. The main task of a child in the playschool is to engage in activities. Imagine a situation where the child hasn’t eaten properly and is expected to play. Of course, it won’t be possible for him. 

Some playschools in Chennai offer mid-day meals to the children. It is full of essential vitamins and nutrients that will help the child. For example, proteins help in tissues and cell development, while calcium helps in bone development. Similarly, green leafy vegetables and fruits are rich sources of nourishment. Regular salads can also be great. You must ensure that the child gets proper breakfast daily because he had a long day ahead. Along with food, adequate sleep and resting time are also essential. 

How should you make the food enjoyable?

Lastly, how can you make the child’s food enjoyable? These are some quick and handy tips right here. 

  1. Use colors as much as possible. Different fruits and vegetables are available in different colors. For example, the red tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and green cucumbers can form an exciting combination for the child. Since children are intrigued by vibrant hues, it can be a great idea to make their mealtime enjoyable. 
  2. Have you considered the crockery and cutlery? The ceramics and cutlery are often overlooked. But you must use plates and glasses that have bright prints on them such as animals and flowers and trees. Children love animated figures. Superhero figures can also be exceptionally excellent. Please remember that you should not hand them porcelain crockery. 
  3. Different patterns can be mind-boggling for the child. Last but not least, different shapes can be interesting for the child. Thus, you must cut the bell peppers into flower patterns while the ladyfingers can form smaller blossoms. You can also use a metal cutter to prepare fries in the shape of stars or likewise. All you need to do is put on your chef’s toque and think! 

You can find several playschools in Chennai, where they pay extra attention to your child’s play habits and daily meals. The best is now available at your fingertips! 

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