Pranayama Yoga and Benefits

Pranayama Yoga and Benefits

Most of the people do not know the meaning of “Pranayam”. It is a combination of two words – prana; that means life and Ayama. God has gifted our prana (life), the supreme source of power. It is more subtle than air and it can be defined as the energy that is surrounded everywhere in the universe.

“Prana” is a medium, which increases our nutrition, both of the nerves and cellular tissue of the body and the mind. When we inhale the fresh oxygen by the process of breathing through our alveoli, it gets converted to nervous energy which is transmitted into the brain system. “Ayama” means control of the rhythm of flow goatdee. So pranayama means a scientific-technical process by which we can get motivated and increase our vital energy through perfect control of the breathing system and the oxygen-carbon dioxide flow in the body.

The natural process of breathing is that we take in fresh air through the nose from nature. This goes to our lungs, stays for sometimes inside the lungs and then is exhaled out through the nose itself, in general. This natural process of intake and outflow of the breath goes on constantly in human beings. This whole process of inhalation and exhalation is not connected with the mind. Rather, it is connected with the heart and lungs.

The duration of exhalation and inhalation does not have a specific duration. Some people may take a long time for inhaling fresh air and exhaling within a second while some others do it just the opposite. This is the cause why we ordinary people suffer from illnesses and are also short-lived. Pranayam is the only way you can regulate the inhale and exhale process in the same rhythm. In the process, our brain and mind also take part in the action of inhaling and exhale.

Thus Pranayam is the main key to keep you healthy, you can increase your life span and drive away diseases, by regularly practicing the same. Along with the lungs, the brain, the heart is most the important organ of our body. The heart pumps the blood and spread it all over the body. Thus it does not work properly, then our blood circulation gets affected. So, Pranayam is also a medicine of the heart, the best way to maintain the heart condition well.

Various types of Pranayam are there, among which Kapal Bhati, BhaahyaAnulom VilomBhambriUdgeet, Bhastrika these are the notable ones.

Those people who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic migraine attacks, asthma, bronchitis, “Anulom Vilom Pranayam” is the best solution for them. The procedure begins with seating in a position of “Sukha Asana” which is a simple posture on sitting on the ground, keeping the spinal cord, neck straight, legs folded in the manner one is over the other and placed parallel to the ground and keeping the hands straight and touching the knees.

Now take a deep breath from one nostril while another nostril is blocked by using your finger. Hold breathe for a few seconds inside and then release it slowly through the blocked nostril which you will now release. At the time of relishing air, you must close the nostril that was being used to inhale air, by using your finger. For getting the best benefits, the whole process should be repeated at least 200 times at a stretch.

You can improve your blood circulation by using “Vastika Pranayam”. Sitting in a “Sukha Asana” position take a deep breath so that your lungs are full of fresh air, hold it for a few seconds and release it through your nose. When you inhale the fresh air, it goes to the lungs and fresh oxygen mixed with blood which then travels from lungs to the heart. The heart, in turn, pumps it and the fresh oxygenated blood is circulated to every part of our body through arteries and blood vessels. This form of Pranayam helps to increase blood circulation and thus prevent many diseases.

Baahya Pranayam” is very helpful for any type of abdominal and intestine problem. Sitting in “Sukha Asana”, exhale the maximum amount of air by pulling the stomach inside, holding it for a few seconds then inhale fresh air as much as possible by inflating the stomach. Repeat this process at least 20 to 25 times to get benefits.

Indigestion, acidity and gas, obesity and abdomen related diseases are very common today. You can get relief from these by regular practicing of “Kapaal Bhaati Pranayam”. Beginning in “Sukha Asana”, take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds inside the stomach and release it by pushing the stomach inside. Now when the stomach is devoid of any air, roll your stomach muscles. Now inhale fresh air again and similarly repeat the whole process for at least 200 times.

Various diseases of the ears, nose, throat, eyes, and nervous system can be cured effectively by doing “Bramari Pranayam”. You should begin this also by sitting in “Sukha Asana” position, close your eyes, and then cover your eyes by using three of your fingers. This time do not give any pressure on your eyes. Put your index finger on the temples.

You must cover your ears by putting your thumbs over the holes, with a little presser. Now take a deep breath through the nose and realize it at three times slower, through the nose. At the time of realizing air, make a sound like that of the humming of bees, from your nostrils. Repeat the process minimum 3 to maximum 21 times.

Urgent Pranayam” is very effective for the nervous system. It is the magical effect of the word “Om” that involves the inhale-exhale process and lungs functioning. Sitting in the “Sukha Asana” position, close his eyes then take a deep breath and release it through the mouth slowly and peacefully. While you release the air you must pronounce “Om” sound. Repeat this process at least 15 minutes for getting the best results.

But during the practice of Pranayam, it should be kept in mind that place meant for it should be clean, peaceful and airy. It should not be practicing under a fan or air conditioner. The body must be clean and fresh and bowel cleared before doing Pranayam live ProjectfreeTV Chanel. It should be practiced after other exercises and “Yoga Asanas” and before mediation and the duration must be gradually increased and not overnight. Take care that you are doing it under skilled technical guidance so that it is perfect otherwise which will be harmful to your health.

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