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real debrid device

The whole generation in the 20th century is dependent on the internet. However, slow speed, server errors can lead to frustration. It is equally essential to have a good quality server with a faster rate. This can help you to upload or download any data or important information within seconds. Moreover, due to internet traffic, it becomes pretty challenging to get that faster speed. Especially at peak hours, it is difficult to even open a simple file. This reminds me of our topic for today’s discussion. Actually, it’s more like a solution to this slow internet problem. Yes, a real Debrid device is a server that helps to download or stream videos way faster than imagination. 

Let us discuss more real debrid devices in detail below in this article.

Real Debrid Device: Introduction

Real Debrid device is mainly a type of host server consisting of multi-user files. Moreover, it works as a host for several servers with high-quality video links. Therefore, it becomes convenient to download or stream any video from real debrid with high quality and faster speed. This is all one can ask for while downloading any file.

Moreover, this server is the first choice of Kodi users. Kodi is an open platform to download or upload media. With the help of Real debrid, one can download or stream high-quality videos in a few seconds on Kodi. Therefore, Real debrid is capable of making the user experience wonderful using Kodi.

Real debrid is a hero in the world of the internet. It works as a host for more than 50 sites, including Big4Shared, Mega, Filefactory, datafile, etc. You wish to watch your favorite show, visit real debrid and it will be available. Moreover, as we all know, some of the sites have premium content and require you to pay before watching. Real Debrid serves these videos on a plate for you. When you access Real debrid, you will find 90% of the content free for watching. Only 10% of the videos will need a payable subscription at a very reduced cost.

Real debrid Vs. Kodi

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In the above section of the article, I did give an idea about what Kodi is. It is basically an open platform to stream or download videos. However, the links available on Kodi are of poor and very low quality. Therefore, you will not get that unexceptional HD experience. Also, the downloading and streaming speed of Kodi has disappointed several users. 

Hence, users prefer real debrid over Kodi.

Is it legal to use Real debrid?

I know that Real Debrid has fascinated you. You can make a list of every show you wish to watch on Real debrid as it is a 100% legal website. That means no need to worry about site blockage or buffering. Also, real debrid will never ditch you in the middle, unlike other illegal sites.

Real debrid has links available for only genuine sites. This provides a guarantee that the content we are uploading or downloading is 100% legal. However, other websites, such as Kodi, use links from illegal websites. As a result, there is a risk of site blockage or video buffering.

Also, illegal websites have several viruses which may damage your phone or system.

Therefore, please be extra cautious before downloading any content using illegal websites. Instead, try Real debrid for the best results.

Moreover, Real debrid can run successfully at any server with zero buffers and speed issues. However, we must accept that Real debrid does ask to pay for premium content. Trust me; it will be far cheaper than what you are paying for Netflix!

Though, you can use Real debrid on any VPN. But, StrongVPN is the best and most recommended VPN for Real Debrid. Also, it is a private VPN that will not ask for your identity if you do not wish to share.

Why choose a real debrid device?

real debrid device

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I can write a whole new article to argue on this topic of the article about choosing Real debrid over other servers. It has everything one can look for! Easy access, legal, no buffering, good speed, high quality. What else can you wish for?

Here are a few reasons why to choose real debrid over others!

  1. It works best with Kodi. Now, you will get to know the main reason why Kodi users prefer Real debrid. Kodi is a very popular open-source platform. However, due to some demerits, people were boycotting it. However, to promote it and increase the popularity of real debrid, experts found a great solution. Now, users can integrate Read debrid with Kodi and can enjoy their favorite shows. Yes, we will discuss the process of integration in the next section of the article.
  2. It is very easy to download files, media, or any important video using real debrid. Real debrid provides unlimited bandwidth and upto 1000 Mbps speed which makes it possible to complete the task within seconds. However, it was not possible earlier or even today with other hosts.
  3. When the 2g internet was introduced, it was impossible to even think of watching movies online. It used to take forever to open any webpage. However, thanks to real debrid, we can just think and download any video within a matter of seconds. Also, using IDM(Internet download manager) along with Real debrid is another deadly combination to download any file at light speed.
  4. IDM is a browser that is available on your phones to install from google play. If you don’t prefer Kodi, try IDM.

Can a Real debrid device be capable of converting torrent links?

Well, the answer is Yes when it comes to real debrid. Real debrid allows the user to upload any file from torrent restricted due to copyright issues. Moreover, it also allows the user to paste the link of any file you wish to download; Real debrid can convert it into a regular file within seconds. That means all you need to do is to paste the address of the particular file on it. Then, real debrid will give you a link to download the file. Also, the address you pasted is already available with Real debrid. The video will get auto-downloaded instantly.

Do we have to pay for using Real debrid?

We all spent thousands of dollars on our phones, clothes, food, and many worthless chores. Also, some of us like to watch entertaining shows. Due to this, we end up buying subscriptions for Netflix. But does Netflix have all the content you wish to watch? I bet the answer is No. No application has every movie, TV show. Some of your favorites are available on Netflix, some on Hulu, and some on prime. And we can not buy the subscription for each one as it leads to spending thousands of dollars.

Therefore, here comes real debrid in the picture. You can integrate it with Kodi, IDM, etc., and watch all your favorite shows available on any site. Also, instead of spending thousands on Netflix, you need to pay only $5 to watch some of the amazing movies, shows, and series.

Moreover, a free version of Real debrid is available but does not consist of premium content.

Thus, with a fee of $5, enjoy some of the major breakthrough movies.

Steps to sign up for real debrid device

I promised you to share the steps for integrating Real debrid with Kodi. I will discuss that in detail in this section before ending this article.

Please concentrate and note these steps:

  1. Go to the real debrid website using
  2. Once the website opens, select the Sign up the option to make a new account.
  3. Follow the further instructions and mention all the personal information the site will ask and press sign-up again.
  4. However, if you already have an account, click on Sign In instead.
  5. Now, back to sign up, after entering your name, address, and other personal information, the screen will pop up a message saying the registration has been done successfully.
  6. Once everything is set up. Enter the Real debrid site and look for premium offers. This option will appear on the top of the screen, among several other options.
  7. Click on premium offers to explore other options.
  8. Choose a premium plan option. Now, a window will appear in front of you wishing for several premium plans to purchase starting from $5.
  9. You may choose either of the plans and clear the formalities.
  10. Once done, the screen will again show a ”registration was successful message.
  11. Now, open the app to enjoy your favorite shows.

Steps to integrate real debrid device with Kodi

Image Credits: AddictiveTips

  1. Once you register for real debrid, time to launch the Kodi addon on your phone.
  2. After launching, you will see several options.
  3. Choose tools from the list. Scroll down as it is available at the bottom.
  4. Again, an encounter with several options. 
  5. Choose ResolveURL: Settings.
  6. Once you select the option, another window will open. Expand universal resolvers on the left and look for a real debrid option.
  7. Moreover, under real debrid, choose the second last option: (Re)Authorize My Account.
  8. Next, you will see a screen with a URL and a code. Read the instructions and make a note of the code.
  9. Now, go to the real debrid website and enter the code.
  10. Once done, the screen will show a positive sign that the request has been approved.
  11. Congratulations, the process is now completed.
  12. Visit the Kodi application again and watch whatever you want in good quality without buffering.
  13. Also, you will get several links to download a single movie after integration.

I hope I have covered all the necessary topics in this article. This reminds me it’s time to end this article today. There are several sites on the internet to download your favorite movies and shows indeed. However, the legal pr genuine sites are very few. This article is an attempt to make you aware of the legal sites and how to use them efficiently. I hope you find this article worth reading. Thank you and take care!


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