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Regular Vs Organic Baby Formula: Which One is Better?

Choosing baby food is one of the crucial tasks for parents, especially when it’s your first time. It’s not going to be an easy decision. You have to be more careful when it’s about your newborn. 

You see, there are several types of baby formulas available in the market. However, organic baby formula is getting popular nowadays. If you are looking for an organic baby formula shop, make sure you understand the difference between regular and organic baby formula.

Well, there are some differences between regular and organic baby formula. And it’s very important to learn about these things. It will help you to choose the best baby formula.

That’s why we will share the top difference between organic and regular baby formula. So, make sure you read each point carefully before making a decision. Let’s get started. 

Regular Baby Formula

Everyone knows about regular baby formula. Even though there are so many types of baby food available, most parents still go for regular baby formula. And the ingredients have some features that maintain the standard quality of the product. Before you compare regular baby formula with organic one, you have to know about the basics. 

  1. Ingredients

As you can see, checking ingredients is one of the crucial things you have to do before purchasing a baby product. Regular baby formulas have some common ingredients. However, you can’t find all brands using the same formula in this case. 

Natural formula contains a combination of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. However, it can change when it comes to carbohydrates and protein sources. That’s why reading the product details is essential before purchasing. 

  1. Types

The type of baby formula can confuse new parents. Well, you see, there are so many options available in the market. Not all of them are good for your baby. The types depend on your baby’s health. For example, if you want healthy growth, you have to go for a protein-based formula.

In this case, you can get most baby formulas that are protein-based. And they are made of cow milk. However, some babies can have milk allergies. If your baby has the same issue, you can choose an alternative option like soy-based or protein hydrolysate formula. 

  1. Forms
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Besides checking the ingredients and type, you have to check the form. It’s another essential factor that most new parents consider. The good thing is regular baby formula is available in three forms. 

  • Powdered option is the most common and you can get this form of baby formula everywhere. In fact, most pediatricians also prefer the powdered form. You have to mix it with water.
  • Another common form is concentrated liquid. It can be used as an alternative to the powdered option. And you also need to mix it with water.
  • Ready to eat or drink option. You don’t need to prepare it. 

Organic Baby Formula

You see, the use of organic baby formula is increasing nowadays. It happens as parents are more careful with the baby’s health. As per the government’s rules, we can only call a baby formula organic when it has 95% or over organic ingredients. In the following, we will share the details of organic baby formula. Let’s find out:

  1. Ingredients

As we noted before, the ingredients of organic baby formula are different from regular formula. You can find a lot of natural ingredients in this case. The key ingredients of organic baby formula are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and oligosaccharides.

These things are very good for a baby’s digestive system. Hence, organic baby formula can improve a baby’s immune system. If your child has a sensitive stomach, choosing organic baby formula is the best decision. Plus, your baby will get 3 fatty acids and Omega 6. 

  1. Types

There’s no difference between regular and organic formulas when it comes to the type. There are several forms available in the market for organic formula. Cow milk-based products are the most popular. However, there are other options available as alternatives.

If your baby has milk allergies, it’s best to skip cow milk formula. Here, soy-based can be a good option. Plus, the goat milk option is also popular when it comes to organic baby formula. 

  1. Forms
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Choosing the form of the baby formula depends on some crucial factors. It can be either your baby’s health or your budget. On the other hand, time is also essential here. Just like the regular formula, organic formula is also available in three forms:

  • Powder form is available everywhere. If you want to use the powdered option, you have to mix it with water.
  • Liquid option is also available for all those parents who are looking for an alternative to the powdered option. However, you have to mix the liquid form as well.
  • Ready to use organic baby formula is also getting popular nowadays. It will save your time. 


Now, you know the difference between organic and regular baby formula. As you can see, the organic formula contains no chemicals and is made with 95% natural ingredients. So, it’s very good for your child. Hence, many pediatricians will also suggest organic products. If you are using regular baby formula, you can switch to an organic one. 


Q: What makes a formula organic?

Organic baby formula is different from regular baby formula. In this case, a formula has to contain at least 95% of natural ingredients to be considered organic. 

Q: Is organic formula better than normal formula?

There are still not many reports that say the organic formula is better than the natural formula. However, we can say it’s less harmful as organic products are not made with chemicals. 

Q: Is it worth buying organic baby formula?

Yes, organic baby formula is worth buying. If you want your baby to grow healthy, it’s the best decision. You can give them 100% natural and chemical-free products. 

Q: Is organic better for babies?

According to some reports, organic formula is much better than usual baby formula. 

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