How Concrete Resurfacing Will Assure A Great Floor

Concrete floors are yet to gain mainstream acceptance, but they’re slowly and steadily gaining a foothold. They’re versatile and blend well with almost every décor. Here are a few reasons why concrete floors make sense especially when built through the concrete resurfacing companies near me.

Even with so many apparent benefits, people often avoid concrete floors as they’re deemed too cold and loud. Yes, concrete flooring is cold, but not more than natural stones or ceramic tiles.

Besides, you can always embed the floor with heating cables that keep the floor warm during winters. Concrete does not cushion and hence the problem of these floors being loud. This can be tackled by placing area rugs, pillows, or other materials that provide a cushioning effect.

Concrete is aesthetically appealing and practical in terms of maintenance as well. Yes, there are a few drawbacks, but the positives far outweigh the problems.


Unlike other floor types, concrete can withstand extreme pressure. This is one of the many reasons why they’re preferred for warehouses and factories. When used for domestic purposes, they do not break or crack.

They’re resistant to scratches caused by heels, furniture or pets. Concrete floors, when maintained well, can last for more than a hundred years! To maintain the shine, all you need to do is to polish the floor once every few years.


You can create unimaginable designs by mixing and matching colors. You can recreate the look of wooden floors by creating plank-like imprints or recreate the timeless look of granite/marble flooring by mixing concrete with different colors and stains. It’s almost like a blank canvas lending itself to the artist to create masterpieces.

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Easy to maintain

Sand and dust particles may scratch the surface causing polished concrete to lose its shine. Mopping the floor with soapy water once a week helps to keep the floor clean.

You may also have to opt for concrete coating or sealing occasionally depending on the level of traffic. Concrete, however, absorbs oil, ink, food and other stains. Make sure that they’re wiped promptly with a clean cloth.


It costs around $2 to $5 to lay and polish a square foot of concrete. The cost goes up as you opt for elaborate designs like staining or creating imprints like grid-patterned lines. The cost also goes up when you opt for high gloss seals.

But even for decorative installations, you might end up paying the same or less than what you would pay for natural stone floorings like granite or marble or wood floors using high-end materials like walnut, teak, etc.

Decorative Overlay

In past times, many driveways and patio decks had surface damage and cracks. What had to be done? They had to be taken out and replaced with new material. In today’s world, there is a product called decorative overlay.

This overlay or resurfacing provides the old existing concrete with a new, original appearance. So now repair is only a short decision away. However, the true greatness of this product is that there is an endless supply of colors and designs to choose from. No one job is exactly the same.

Stamp concrete

Stamped concrete or as it is also called, imprinted concrete, is utilized to replicate many contrasting types of surfaces. Examples of this are brick, slate, stone, etc.

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Not having to use the original material allows the home or business owner to have a less expensive job while not giving up the desired look. So at the end of the day, not only does it look realistic, but it provides the unending durability of concrete.


Spraydeck is a very cost-effective remodeling idea as well as the master at covering up old concrete. It provides a rich textured surface to that worn-out area of concrete. Other prominent features include mold-mildew resistance, durable, and cool to walk on.

Euro Tile

This product is made up of both concrete Washington real estate and acrylic. It can be used with great flexibility in almost any situation. It is commonly used for both inside and outside jobs. It is extremely durable and resilient; thus making it a great choice for both the residential and commercial owners.

Epoxy Coatings

These coatings are highly durable and are longer lasting that can be used for a myriad of flooring purposes. These coatings are exceedingly tough and durable. This type of concrete can be commonly found used for the remodeling of garage floors by both residential and commercial owners.

At this point, the customization of the decorative concrete floor occurs with the creation of colors, patterns, stencils, and borders. The design of the floor is achieved through the application of acid stains, water-based dyes and/or solvent-based dyes.

The final step in creating a decorative concrete floor is applying a solvent-based or water-based sealer to the floor to enhance the natural durability of concrete.

Decorative concrete floors are an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional flooring options. Unlike carpet, tile, and linoleum, decorative concrete floors provide freedom of design, artistic potential, and architectural versatility.

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