Setting the Facts Sheet Straight for Breast Cancer Myths

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most talked-about cancers of the 21 st century. It even has a day associated with it which is celebrated on the 8th of October. Yet several misconceptions exist in terms of cancer awareness and its prevalence. 

According to the stats of WHO, as of 2020, 7.8 million women have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This makes it one of the fastest-spreading cancers in the modern world. 

With this calculation comes a greater responsibility of tackling the matter by making sure that everyone understands it and learns what is the hidden story. 

Today we have compiled some of the most common myths about breast cancer so that you can understand this prevalent cancer in the best possible manner. 

Myth no 1: It’s Not in My Family so I Won’t Have It

People tend to believe that breast cancer is a disease that commonly runs in the genes. But it is not the reality. A small ratio such as only 5 to 10% of the women who get diagnosed with disease gets it from their family. This is a clear indication that this type of cancer can transfer if the genes of the parent are a bit abnormal. 

But on the other hand, a large chunk of people who have it do not get it from their genetics. It is a clear suggestion that most of the time people get it because of environmental factors and sedentary lifestyles. 

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Yet, science is still finding how a woman is susceptible to such matters. It is often considered that the basic risk factors are age and simply gender. With time, the healthy breast cells develop mutations on their own which in turn results in breast cancer. 

Myth no 2: Healthy Diet, Physical Exercise is the Keys to Prevent Breast Cancer

This myth is the result of those women who continuously argue about recovering from breast cancer or acquiring it in the first place. They debate that if they do not do any of the things that are frowned upon then How on earth do they end up with this mutated cancer in their genes. According to the best breast specialist doctor in Karachi, women might be doing everything right and still end up with this disease.

But it does not mean that one does not have to be careful with this one. Women must limit all the risk factors on their own. Such as how they are eating, or what they are eating. Furthermore, they should also pay attention to the other factors such as annual breast exams or any unusual changes in the shape of their breasts. But you have to understand that at the end of the day every woman is susceptible to this disease at one point in her life or another. 

Myth no 3: Underarm Antiperspirant Can Cause Breast Cancer 

The fact here is that most of the time these sorts of things are made up of chemicals that might be harmful to the overall health. The chemicals might interfere with the normal cells and lead to mutations but this is still under consideration and thus no one is the wiser in this equation. 

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The rumor at hand here is that the chemicals such as aluminum and copper get absorbed inside the lymph nodes and thus make their way to the cells of the breast. Another thought is that as these antiperspirants stop the odor they can make matters worse by preventing the release of these synthetic chemicals to the lymph nodes and from there to the breasts. 

But at present, there is no direct link that exists between these two things and it is still under consideration. However, there is a study that says that women who use more aluminum than needed can have a high concentration of this metal in their body and that can be a potential risk factor. 

Myth no 4: Too Much Sugar Consumption Can Lead to Breast Cancer 

This one myth is not only associated with breast cancer but is parallel with several other types of cancers as well. There is a common perception that if you eat too much sugar then the cancer cells will feed on it. It is rather true that cancer cells consume too much sugar than normal cells but it is not scientifically proven that sugar consumption can lead a woman straight into the horrors of breast cancer. 

Although several types of research have been conducted it is not proven yet and more and more proof is needed. 

The Bottom Line

Breast cancer is a serious matter and women need to be more concerned about this matter. From basic information to the annual checkups, make sure to get all the right boxes checked. 

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