Short sides long top haircut ? Things to consider before getting it.

Short sides and long top

Getting short sides long top haircut, has become an all-new fashion. It is one of the most trendy haircuts that one can have in the year 2021.

This hair look can be created in all sorts of styles. Even if you have long and curly hair, then also you can try this style. After all, this is one of the best haircuts and has become a fashion icon for men

Secret From Us for Short Sides Long Top!

Now, let me tell you a secret! There are more than a hundred styles that you can create by maintaining the fashion trend of short sides long top. Isn’t it unique? 

Well, it’s not possible to talk about all these styles in one particular article only. In this article, we would be talking about the best twelve hairstyles that you can choose for you, under the theme of short sides long top. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

1. Undercut with fade

If you are the one who wants to follow the ongoing trend and doesn’t wish to have long hair. Then definitely this is the best haircut for you. Also, let me tell you guys that this is the most high-maintenance look that one can create. If you are geared up to take care of your hair, you must surely try this hair look. This hairstyle looks super cool and classy. This is undoubted, the best haircut which has short sides and a long top

2. Spiked Top For Short sides long top

A few years back, guys studying in middle schools and colleges used to put a lot of gel into their hair, and then with the help of their palms, they used to create spikes. But, with the change in the taste of fashion, this style gradually disappeared. But now, after a few years, it is back again. This is again one of the best short side long top styles. 

3. Side Parted for Short sides long top 

In this type of haircut, long hairs are sided one side, and the other side has shorter hair. This look makes a unique look professional. So, if you want medium-length hair and are looking for a look that makes you look like a gentleman and a professional, this look would solve all your needs. 


short sides and long top


4. Sculpted and textured haircut

If you are having long and thick hair, and are looking forward to following the ongoing trend of having short sides long top haircut, then you can surely go with this hairstyle. To make the style look  attractive and charming, you can ask your barber to add spikes into some sections. This will add glam to your hair and would look super cool. So, if you have thick and long hair, then you must undoubtedly try this hairstyle. 

5. Pushed Back Long Hairstyle with short sides

If you love keeping a beard, or are comfortable with moustache and beard, then this hairstyle would suit you the most. The long hair on top, and adequately trimmed beard, will take your look to the next level. In this hairstyle, the long hair in the front is combed or instead pushed backwards, and both sides have short hairs. This makes the men look more classy. For long-lasting results, ad to maintain the look, you must indeed purchase styling products such as comb, gel, and other things, so that you can keep the hair in shape and you never go out of style. 

6. Pompadour on the edge haircut

If you are planning to give a sharp look or an eye-catching look, then you must surely go with this style. This hairstyle also looks excellent with men having a beard. In this style, hair is concise on the sides and is longer on top. The cut divides the hair into two parts and looks great with men who have straight hair. So, if you have straight hair and are looking for a different, unique, and eye-catching bold look, then you must surely go with this cut, comprising of the short side and long top

7. The Blown Back

Well, I am pretty sure that by now, all the men, having wavy hair and are reading this article, would have become curious to know some good hairstyle for them. So, let me tell you that this is one of the best hairstyles with men having wavy hair. The blown-back hairstyle is quite similar to Pompadour on the edge haircut. The only difference between the two styles is that in blown back, the hair cut, and the men have wavy hairs while, in the other style, that is Pompadour goes best with men having straight hair. 

8. Business Savvy

If you are a businessman who desires to keep himself updated, with the changing trend, be it for business or oneself. Then this is the best haircut that you can have. This style of the short side and a long top haircut would make you look more classy and charming in the meeting. Men must have medium hair length for this style, as medium hair looks very elegant in this style. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the salon and get this super classy look that enhances your personality and adds charm to your look?

 Short Sides Long Top


9. The Messy Matte

If you want a super cool hairstyle, then this is the best hairstyle for you. If you are a college-going student or have a profession related to artists, like singer, dancer or drums player, this is the best haircut you can ever have. This looks super cool and trendy.

Pro Tip

The hair on the sides are kept simple and hardly have any style. At the same time, the hair in the middle looks superb and fascinating. This hairstyle looks messy and cool both at the same time. If you do not have much time to maintain a fashionable hairstyle, then again, this hairstyle would be best for you. Maintaining this hairstyle is super easy and doesn’t require many efforts. If you want to make this style more trendy and cool, you can always choose to get your hairs highlighted or coloured. Blonde colour hairstyle acts as a cherry on a cake and looks fabulous. 


Short Sides Long Top Haircuts


10. Very Short Pompadour with Hard Part

If you love to keep the hair short, simple and fashionable. Then it would be best if you went with this hairstyle. Short Pompadour hair cut looks fantastic, as it also has a short side and long top. If you are going for this haircut, you don’t have to put extra effort into setting your hair. The head’s sides are kept clean, and the top is cut very short.

Pro Tip

When you go for this hairstyle, you will not take more than 30 seconds per day to comb your hair and get it set. So, again if you are the one who is short on time and also loves to follow fashion or the one who loves short hair and loves to follow fashion or a combination of these characteristics, then you must surely try this hairstyle. 

11. Short Sides Long Top Haircut with extra volume

If you are having faster hair growth, or have a good volume of hair, then you can surely try this haircut. This hairstyle has been in fashion for almost seven years. This look gives a natural finish to your face as well as to your personality. The sides are very short, making it easy to style. To make this look much superior, you can always use shiner. This will add shine to the look and will make your hair look attractive. 

12. The Slick Back 

If you want a quick hairdo and want a classic look. Then you must check this hairstyle. This is one of the oldest and the most classic hairstyle, which never goes out of style. If you are in your retirement age or early twenties, then you can always go with this style. You can also combine this style with an undercut combination. This will make you look more trendy and classy. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top twelve short sides and long top haircuts that you can indeed consider. We have taken care of all age groups, and also of all sort of hair. So, this article would be beneficial for you, in all the cases. 

We have covered as many as trendy styles as we can. So, do try these hairstyles to stay in trend and also to enhance your personality. 

I am pretty sure that you won’t regret trying these fantastic styles. These are currently the most trending styles, which people of all age groups can try. We have also made sure that we cover hairstyles for all kind of professionals. So, no matter if you are a business tycoon or are a pop star. You can always come again and again to this blog post and explore options that suit you the most. 

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