Surprising Stats about Air Condition Service

Air condition service is essential for the efficient working of the equipment. Regular maintenance helps you to save a lot of energy as the faulty working of the air conditioner will lead to lots of energy consumption. A well-trained technician can fix the issues without causing any damage to the functioning of the ac.

The air conditioner filter collects the dust particles while working, which will reduce the cooling effect. Air condition service is vital for both the window air conditioner and Split type air conditioner, to make sure that you get the desired performance of the device. Normal air conditions can ensure that your air conditioner is working properly without any leakage or noises.

Steps for doing the Air Condition Service

The primary step is to clean the air filter. When the dirt or dust gets accumulated in the filter, it affects the normal flow of air through the equipment. This may get directly into the evaporator coil, which will reduce the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. Replacing or repairing the air filters will help you to save energy also. Filters available of various types- some are replaceable and some reusable. Filters must be given frequent attention for better performance.

Cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils

The airflow through the device can be interrupted by the dirt and debris deposited in the evaporator and condenser coil. The use of a clean filter can protect the evaporator coil from getting dirty to an extent, but dust enters the condenser coil as it is placed as an outdoor unit. The area where the condenser coil part is placed should be maintained clean by removing debris and dirt.

Coil fins are to be checked while Air Condition Service

The fins used on the evaporator and condenser are mainly made up of aluminum, which gets bent quickly, blocking the way of the air passage. These fins are maintained at the original shape during the service using a tool. The drain cleaning and checking to find whether any leakage present needs to be checked.

The leakages that may happen in the pipes or tubes are given consideration here. Air condition service, the technician removes the dirt and debris from the equipment to prevent leakage issues. The coolant level is monitored during air condition service.

The coolant used in the air conditioners is from; if it is less than the required quantity, the cooling stops as the temperature of the cooling coil drops below the average value. So, during the air condition service, the technician makes sure that the air conditioner is working with the right amount of coolant.

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Car Service

An expert technician gives the preference to check the main components like the compressor, motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, filters, and others during the air condition service to ensure that the equipment is working properly. Replacement or repairing of the air conditioner parts is decided if the fault is found during the inspection.

Most of the people don’t take the air condition service seriously. They use the air conditioner according to their needs and later starts complaining about the low cooling of the device. We can avoid these scenarios by the proper maintenance of the air conditioner in the hands of an expert, who can inspect thoroughly to find the cause for the faulty conditions if found. Seasonal changes and dirt affect the outdoor unit of the air conditioner as it is exposed outside.

Preparing a covering for that unit will help you in reducing the accumulation of dirt at the condenser part. Knowing the level of refrigerants, leakages, and accuracy of the thermostat can be done while air condition servicing. Choosing the right one is very important and this article will help you do so.

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