The Rise of E-Scooters in the Modern Era

Uber for E-Scooters


Our environment is facing alarming effects of air pollution day-by-day. The constant use of non-renewable energy resources like petrol, diesel, etc., have paved the way for global warming. With situations expecting to degrade further, researchers and environmentalists are urging people to go green and save the environment. One such transportation option which has gained increased attention in the modern world is the E-Scooters. An Uber for E-Scooters app can provide users with E-scooters for transportation. The market is beginning to flourish, with more people understanding the worsening situation of the globe. In this blog, let’s discuss how to develop an E-Scooter app that can benefit people and gain revenue for business owners. 

The rise of Global E-Scooters market over the years: 

  • The global E-Scooters market generated a revenue of $18.6 billion in 2019. 
  • The global market for E-Scooters is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% between 2019 and 2030. 
  • This could mean the market will grow exponentially and gain as high as $42 billion by 2030. 
  • Bird, a popular E-scooter app across the world, has already completed over 10 million rides by 2018. 
  • It is to be noted that almost 5 million E-Scooters were sold specifically in the year 2018. 
  • According to Statista, sales on bicycles and E-scooters will reach a significant value of 50 million by the end of 2020. 

All these facts signify that the market is flourishing and expecting business owners to invest in it. 

The development of an E-Scooter App: 

Before venturing into E-Scooter App development, you need to know different business models popular in the market. Moreover, you need to know the workflow of the app. By knowing these, you can visualize how your app should function in your locality. 

Business models of an E-Scooter App: 

  • Rental App Model: This type of business model is the most popular in the market. An E-Scooter Rental app is simple and efficient to use. In this model, customers can unlock E-Scooters available at various destinations. Revenue is generated in two ways in this business model. Initially, a fixed amount is charged for unlocking the bike. Subsequently, revenue is generated for every minute of bike usage. 
  • Subscription Model: This type of model is commonly used to retain customers. Customers can be provided with subscriptions by which they are offered rental services periodically. Moreover, they get attractive offers and discounts, as well. 
  • On-demand app Model: In this type of business model, customers are provided with a user-friendly smartphone application. Customers can rent E-Scooters through the app. Moreover, they can choose from a wide variety of Scooters available based on price, charge status, etc. 

Identifying a business model that suits your locality can propel your app forward in the market. 

The Workflow of an E-Scooter App: 

You need to be very clear about how your app should work. Let’s discuss the workflow on an E-Scooter app. 

  • Initially, users download the app and register via different social media handles. 
  • Users can then browse nearby scooters available through the app. With in-app location services, they are provided with the best results instantly. 
  • After locating an E-Scooter, users can unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code available in the vehicle. 
  • Once the vehicle is unlocked, users can use the E-Scooter for transportation. They can travel to their destination hassle-free. 
  • Upon commencing the trip, users can park the vehicle at their destinations. They can lock the vehicle securely by scanning the QR code, once again. 
  • Users can end their ride by paying for their ride. A detailed breakdown of the fare summary is available to users. They can pay for their rides via different payment options, including credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 

This is the usual workflow of an E-Scooter app


People are becoming more and more aware of environmental degradation. This has made them shift to a green option, the E-Scooters. The market is hugely expanding and can house multiple competitors. Identifying the best business model for your locality can help you generate increased revenue. By knowing the workflow of the app, you can visualize how your app can function efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Go green, save energy, and serve people.

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