The Unnamed Benefits Of Giving Your Cat A Scratching Post

Although buying a cat scratching post in Australia is possibly the last thing you would think about while going through the list of cat essentials, you can only begin to realise its importance after you invest your money in it. Cats love to scratch. It’s a world-renowned fact. But have you ever wondered why is it so? In this article, we’ll speak about why cats love to scratch and everything that you can choose to do to cater to this specific need of theirs.

There are no two ways you can go about it; either you love owning a pet cat or you simply hate it. Cats are known to be the most independent animals and practically don’t need you to actually ‘own’ them, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone taking care of you either, does it? Having a pet cat is more like having a companion than just a pet. To understand this companion of yours, you need to understand that cats have certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the pets you might own. Cats scratch, climb and enjoy leaving their scent everywhere they go. This is mainly because cats prefer marking their territory over the house. So if your cat has left a few pee stains over your home, it’s probably because it was trying to establish its dominance over the location.

However, understanding why cats scratch is a completely different story altogether. Cats scratch to remove the worn-out layers of their claws that can lead to irritation otherwise. While this also allows them to leave marks of their territory over the place, it’s also important for cats to be allowed to scratch freely to allow them to sharpen their claws. A cat’s claws are considered to be a very important part of their being, which is essentially the act of declawing a cat is looked at as something that’s extremely inhuman. Generally, a sturdy cat scratching post is recommended to make sure it doesn’t knock itself over when used by your cat a little aggressively either. It’ll allow them to feel comfortable as well. The benefits of giving your cat a scratching post include:

  • Scratching posts are excellent for kittens. If you have a kitten that’s extremely energetic and is always full of adrenaline. Having a scratching post in the house allows it to direct its energy onto the post, leaving the rest of your house unharmed as the kitty finds entertainment in its scratching activities. Moreover, if you provide it to your cat from the start, it can also allow you to build a habit for the long run.
  • Although you might feel like your cat’s scratching activities are too much for you, it can be quite healthy for your cat to have a scratching post. Besides the fact that it helps in shaping and keeping their claws intact, it also helps in reducing a cat’s stress levels and is considered to be a fine exercise.

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It’s not very hard to take care of a cat. Since it is an independent feline, it can survive quite easily and with little to no toys. However, if you love your cat, it can’t hurt to do as much as you’re capable of doing. Love your cat and give it the life that it deserves!

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