How to Go on a Tiger Safari in India – A Guide for Travelers

Going on a Tiger Safari in India is always an incomparable experience for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Watching these world’s largest cats in lush jungles always brings passion and joy in the soul of wildlife lovers.

But sighting these big wild cats is never a sure thing, you may or may not find them because it needs a certain amount of opportunity and luck.

Here we have a small travel guide that you should consider while going on a Tiger Safari in India. This will also help you to get the best out of a Tiger Safari in the wildlife reserves of India.

Consider When to Go

You can go on a Tiger Safari in India during the late spring season when tigers are most likely to come out from their comfort zone and visit water holes due to escalating heat. Most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India provide safaris during the hot months of April and June so that they can spot the most number of Tigers in the wild.

These are the months when the water remains only in few waterholes and all the animals came out to drink water here at least twice a day. It is also a time when all the grass gets died which makes the sightseeing area more clear and better.

There are some parts of India where some National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries remain closed during the monsoon (June to November) and even till the November so always check the weather conditions before plan a Tiger Safari trip in India.

View from an Elephant

There are some National Parks in India such as Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga Park, Jim Corbett, Periyar, and Kanha National Park who provide an opportunity to spot these big wild cats from the back of an elephant. This is the best way for all wildlife photographers to capture every single corner of the park.

But while taking an elephant safari in India, be selective about vendors because some of them are only known for discovering cats only once in the remote areas. Try to hire a safari guide or ask your travel agent or tour operators to hire one for you.

Remember, while doing elephant safari in India it is hard to get close to the wild animals. You can go next up to the caves where tigers are hiding from the heat rather than waiting for them close to the water holes.

Chances of Spotting Tigers

About a hundred years ago, India was an abode to more than 40,000 Tigers but due to poaching and high population pressure, this number has decreased and remains only 2000 in 1970. To stop this decline, India established many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries with more than 600 protected areas and 50 tiger reserves.

Now India has around 2226 tigers that represent 70% of the world’s total tigers population in its reserves. There are some national parks and tiger reserves in India which has more than 100 tigers in each so there are huge chances for tourists to spot tigers easily during the Tiger Safari in India.

Safari Destinations: India or Africa

Both of the countries are rich in wildlife but the thing that makes their wildlife different is What is available for viewing and how it is managed.

Africa offers a big concentration of wildlife and has a wide variety of different species. There are a lot of wildlife creatures in Africa that you can not spot anywhere else but in India, it is specialized. The parks are smaller here and you can go for 5-10 species.

But even then, no country can compete with India in the population of Tigers that not much live in Africa. So if you are looking for an amazing tiger safari experience then India is the only destination to go.

How to Reach

There are several International flights connected to Delhi airport direct from major countries like Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. After arriving at Delhi Airport you can reach your preferred wildlife destination by Bus, Taki, or booking personal cabs because most of the wildlife destinations in India are connected to Delhi via international highways.

So this our small effort to guide all those wildlife enthusiasts and travelers who are planning for their first Tiger Safari in India. These are some important factors that may help you in getting the best out of your wildlife safari experience in India. If you have any queries regarding this guide, do ask it in the comment section below.

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