Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren- Things to know about

Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren- Things to know about


Golf is a very elite sport. It is always associated with aristocracy. However, with time it evolved more as a just sport. Now the sport is played on national and international levels too. Therefore golf requires patience and practice to ace. So now let’s discuss a famous global golf player who is none other than Tiger Woods. We should also examine tiger woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Elin has a vital role in woods life, and all of us love talking about such relationships. Therefore without any delay, we should proceed.

Tiger woods

The famous American golf player celebrates his birthday on 30th December. Currently, he is 45 years old. Woods is one of the all-time finest golf players universally. He was born in Cypress, California. Therefore the golfer was also elected to the world golf hall of fame. However, woods, in his early life, was a child prodigy. In junior college, he had an impeccable academic record. His amateur career started in the college itself. However, he turned professional at the age of 20. In the year 1997, he won three PGA Tour events. After that, soon in a year, he turned out to be a pro and became the best in the world.

Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren

Nordegren is of Swedish domicile. Elin was born on 1st January 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father is a journalist who has served as bureau chief at Washington dc. Her mother is a former Swedish asylum policy minister and a governor. Young Elin and her sister in the summer worked as cashiers to finance their educations. After that, however, Elin started modelling. She also worked as a nanny.  

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren


Nordegren was introduced to Tiger by a familiar friend Mia Parnevik. However, Tiger asked Mia to introduce him to Elin because he liked her very much. Elin was dating someone else back then. Therefore she had no interest in Tiger. He was ok with this fact. He was ready to wait for her patiently. In 2003 the couple started dating and became officially engaged when Woods proposed at the luxury Shamwari Game Reserve. Therefore the couple finally gets married in October 2004. Later after marriage, they purchased a considerable estate in Jupiter Island, Florida. Tiger and Elin had a son and a daughter together. Therefore they named their daughter Sam Alexis Woods and their son Charlie Axel Woods.

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Infidelity scandal, Fallout, and the divorce with now ex-wife 

In the year 2009, a story was published that Woods was having an extramarital affair. However, later it proved to be a false allegation. Media coverage was continuously increasing on the topic. Therefore shortly, many women claimed to have an affair with Woods. Afterwards, in 2011 kinds of wood admitted that he cheated many a time and apologized for his infidelity. He also met with a car accident near to his home in California but suffered only minor injuries. He received a penalty ticket for reckless driving. Tiger woods decided to take an indefinite break from his professional life to work on his marriage.

He admitted his extramarital affairs. As an apology, Tiger said he wants to live life a little, He deserves it, but it was a mistake. However, of course, the marriage didn’t work. After six years of togetherness, the couple was separated. Tom wood’s ex-wife was utterly unaware of his ex-husband’s infidelities. Even after the confrontation, she wanted to save her marriage, but she didn’t trust him anymore. Sometimes relationships are complicated love is sometimes not enough to stay.

Tom Woods Early life, college life, and professional life 

The greatest player of all time, Tom Woods has grown up in Orange County, California. His father, Earl Woods, was his first teacher. He helped him to understand the basics of golf. Earl was also a disabled amateur golf player. Slowly as a kid, he developed an inclination for athletics as well. At the young age of only 13. Tiger played BIG I in the year 1989. As an early teenager, he fancied Jack Niklaus. He met him soon and impressed him. When Tiger was 15, he became the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur champion. Many famous universities wanted to enroll him, so he chose Stanford University. At 19, he won his first PGA tour major by 12 points.

Therefore soon, 20-year-old woods decided to enter the professional world. Thus more quickly after that, he signed advertising deals with many multinational companies like Nike, Inc., and Titleist. He became the famous American sports magazine Sports Illustrated’s 

Sportsman of the year 1996. He is myopic; therefore, he underwent eye laser surgery in 1999. He is such an achiever that he has set many records which still prevail and cannot be beaten easily. However, Tiger has broken many records. In the year 2000, US OPENS died and tied nine tournament records. Woods is the youngest achiever of carrier GRAND SLAM; he received it when he was only 24 years old. It is a major task to achieve so much at a young age. It indeed requires dedication and skills. By 2001, Woods has become the only player to win four major professional golf titles consecutively. Therefore his achievement was named THE TIGER SLAM. There is far many more achievement of Tiger woods. He is a great player indeed. 

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Relationships of Tiger WOODS and his ex-wife 

Woods’s ex-wife received $100 million after the divorce. Half of which she used to build a customized mansion in Florida. After separation, they decided to have joint custody of the children. Therefore it was clear that they don’t want their relationship to affect the upbringing of their children. However, the ex-couple has decided that separation will not be staunch. They will try to maintain a civil and friendly environment. Post-divorce, woods ex-wife Elin chose to continue with her further studies. Over time she had a few relationships. Recently Elin and Jordan Cameron welcomed a baby boy in 2019. The couple was in a clandestine relationship for a few years.

However, they revealed that they were expecting a baby together. After the divorce, Woods has been in a couple of connections. He started dating Lindsey Vonn in 2013, an Olympic skier. However, the couple was together for almost three years, after which they separated. Later on, Woods and Kristen smith started dating in 2015. Smith decided to break up with Woods in 2017 because she suspected that he was unfaithful in the relationship. Currently, wood is dating Erica Herman. The connection is going well so far. Erica accompanies Woods to most of his tournaments. She was recently spotted in December 2020 to watch Woods and his young son participate in the PNC Championship.


The life of both Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were full of ups and downs. Now the ex-couple is a perfect example that trust and faith are the foundations of any relationship. Elin was unaware of Tigers infidelity. She says she was busy nurturing her children and looking after the family. After accepting that he cheated Elin many times, Woods was filled with guilt. Therefore he tried to atone for his mistakes. But Elin didn’t trust him anymore, and the marriage falls apart. So summarizing everything, this is all about tiger woods ex-wife. Hoping this article was valuable and informative. Stay tuned for more articles. 

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