Tips for choosing men’s leather sandals


In the world of fashion, what goes around comes around. This year, the latest craze amongst men’s footwear are leather sandals. Sandals are extremely comfortable and can be worn all across the year. In the fashion world, men’s sandals are often referred to as mandals. Now, just because one is wearing sandals does not mean that he cannot be fashion-forward. The reality is completely opposite.

There is something extremely comfortable about wearing chappals. In the current fashion world, men too can sport sandals. The only thing that one needs to be conscious about is what the team up the sandals with. Since chappals are often associated with an informal setting, it is important to team it up in the correct manner to look fashion forward.

Though it is an era of fusion dressing, there are still certain basic rules that need to be adhered to by men wearing sandals.

Here are some tips that one can keep in mind when opting to wear sandals.

Tip 1: Take care of your feet: The first most important point that you need to keep in mind is that when wearing sandals your feet are exposed. So, it is extremely important that you take good care of your feet whenever you want to sport a sandal. Maybe, invest in a good pedicure session so that your feet turn out looking as well-groomed and well kept. Remember, there is nothing worse than wearing sandals and sporting a cracked and smelly feet.

Tip 2: Invest in high quality sandals: Now, just because you can wear sandals outside home, does not mean that you can wear your flip flops to a movie hall. In order to look chique and fashionable you must invest in a good pair of men’s leather sandals. These sandals are generally made of high quality leather that makes them durable as well as eye catching.

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Tip 3: Sandals are for informal settings: No matter what the fashion scene might be dictating, you cannot wear sandals to your workplace. Official settings require a certain dress code and sandals never fit into same.  However, that means you can wear sandals to various informal settings like going to a picnic or meeting your friends.

Tip 4: Accessorize it well: The common misconception when it comes to wearing sandals is that you cannot wear socks with them. Well, in reality you can if you play it smart. Say, if you are wearing a solid colored men’s leather sandals, then you can simply team it up with a colorful sock to create a splash of color in your overall attire. Similarly, if you are wearing printed sandals, then go for skin colored socks to tone it down.

Tip 5: Roll up your pants: Well, the whole idea of men wearing sandals is that it is super comfortable and is often opted as a mode of footwear in summer months. So, keeping in with the summer theme you can also roll up your pants to make it look smarter and cooler. Ensure that you roll it neatly to avoid looking clumsy. In fact, you can also elevate this to the next level by investing in colored pants. Opt for bright pop colors like orange or brick red to look right out of a fashion magazine.

Hope the above tips will help you in putting your best fashionable look forward when you opt for men’s sandals. Though chappals are casual wear if the look has been well thought out then they look classy and fashionable. So, next time you want to wear leather chappals, ensure that you follow the above guidance to look your best.


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