Tips to help you in Blind Cleaning and save money

Blind Cleaning

Everyone knows the importance of keeping the home dust and germ-free. To attain a dust-free house we tend to clean each corner and dust everything, on day to day basis. But we tend to forget about our window blinds which need cleaning every now and then. If the window blinds are not cleaned properly, a layer of dust settles on them initially and later it sticks on the blind making the blinds look dirty. Just like other items in our place the blinds need proper cleaning too. There are many companies that offer blind cleaning services, but we can also do it all it takes is some time.

We use different methods of Blind Cleaning for different types of blinds.

Soapy fix of the Vinyl blinds: There are many ways we can get the blind cleaning done, but if your blinds are very dirty, satiny and greasy it’s better to give them a good refreshing bath in your bathtub. Fill the tub will soapy warm water and soak the blinds for some time in the solution. Act patient and wipe each slate with the sponge and rinse to remove any residual. Hang them and let dry.

Fabric fix for the fabric blinds: Fabric blinds are easier to maintain, unlike wooden or vinyl blinds. They don’t need much blind cleaning as dirt hardly shows up on the surface. Rubbing the settled stains and dirt on the surface of the blinds with a detergent solution and wet cloth can enable us to remove the dust and stains.  And after every period the blinds can be given for dry cleaning to maintain the shine.

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A quick tip for fabric blind cleaning uses your hairdryer, by setting it to cool settings and run it on each slate to remove dust from hard to reach areas. And do vacuum the room after you are done. As there will be a lot of dust settling on the floor.

Washing the wood or faux-wood blinds: All you need is some soapy water and a microfiber cloth to get this work done. Add some dishwashing solution to the bucket full of warm water. Grab the microfiber cloth and dip it in the water solution. Take each blind at a time and wipe off. For actual wooden blinds, you can use furniture polish in small amounts too. You shouldn’t saturate the wood with lots of water, as it may damage the material. Else if you want to play safe run a dry microfiber cloth and dust them regularly.

Blind Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

A quick tip which works wonders on all the blinds: Use a rubber sponge and run it on each slate every now and then to pick the loose dust .do take the help of cloth pin while you do this. If you have cleaned a few slates and need to get back to some other chore, keep the cloth pin will help you remember on which slate you worked on…

Blind cleaning takes some of your time, but we can get this done at home like a pro with the above tips. For offices and commercial spaces, you should call the service provider to clean and maintain the blinds. Other than this you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the regular dust on weekends.  Just keep a check on the reviews written by the customer s, turnaround time and you are good to go.

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Dirty blinds are not at all appealing, so better get rid of all the dust in a single shot by booking a blind cleaning service. All you need to do is make a call, get the quote and book the service. The expert will come along with the cleaning material and make your blinds shine like new ones.

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