Top resistance band exercises for men to get the ripped body

Resistance band exercises

An athletic and supremely fit body can be possible with smart exercises like resistance band exercises. You do not even need a technologically well-equipped gym. All you require is the willingness and a stretchy piece of elastic to produce the desired outcomes. Yes, resistant bands are a great addition to your fitness regimen.

Top 10 resistance band exercises for men

These bands are very flexible, easy to use, and maintain. And you can rely on them for a range of exercises. They can assist you with full workouts, drop sets, and finishers. Before you start, do some warm-up exercises or treadmill sessions to loosen the body. Have a look at the top 10 moves that ensure a ripped body for the male enthusiasts.

Biceps curl resistance band exercises

It is one of the top resistance band exercises that has many variants. You can select either the two-arm or one-arm curl. The two-arm exercise is difficult as there is greater band resistance. But the one-arm biceps curl is relatively less strenuous and easier.

Stand with your feet wide apart and put both feet on the band. Now, use one hand to grasp or hold the band. Make sure the palm faces upward while the arm is down to the side. Bend the elbow, and lift the arm towards the shoulder. After sufficient muscle contraction, lower the arm back to the original position. Repeat for one arm, and switch to the other for a full workout.

Front squat resistance band exercises

Keep the feet wider apart than the shoulder’s width and stand on the resistance band with both feet. Now, lower yourself into a squat position with the chest up. Make sure the knees are over the toes. Rest the top of the band on the front of the shoulders. Finally, push up to the starting position. Repeat 8 to 15 times for a complete exercise.

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Lateral walk resistance band exercise

The lateral walk requires a pair of elastic bands. Use different colors for an eye-catchy routine. Such resistance band exercises are enjoyable and productive. Loop one band around the ankles and the other above the knees. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and create band tension.

Now, get into a half-squat posture. Take a small step to the right without losing the tension. Repeat 8 to 10 times. It helps your gait, knee strength, and motor control.

Resistance band exercises with glute bridge

Take the band and loop it above the knees. Lie down on the back, with feet touching the floor. Lift the knees with a bend of a 90-degree angle. Now, lift the toes off the floor and raise the hips. It would be best if you made a straight line from shoulders to knees, and the glutes have to contract through the whole movement.

Also, open the knees slightly as you raise the hips. Check if they are pressing against the elastic band. You can repeat this glute routine for 12 to 15 times.

Hip abduction while lying on the side

It is one of the best resistance band exercises for hip firmness. It also makes the buttocks more toned. Loop the band just above the knees. Lie on the right side and bend the knees at 90 degrees.

Stretch the right hand up, bend the left elbow, and rest the left hand on the ground close to the chest. Raise the upper leg to move the knees apart while contracting the glutes for a couple of seconds. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat 10 to 12 times for each side.

Press up exercise

First, you have to get into the plank position. Now, drape the band across the upper back and hold the band ends under the hands. Drop the chest down to the floor. Next, contract the abs and glutes. Push up the arms for a full, straight extension. Continue it 5 to 15 reps for a sturdy upper body.

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Splitter exercise

These resistance band exercises are simple and need at least 8-10 repetitions to provide the required workout. First, move apart the feet to shoulder-width distance. You can bend the knees very slightly. Bring the arms forward to hold the resistance band. Grasp only a small, shoulder-width section with your arms.

Also, make sure the hands are at shoulder height. Now, pull the band out with arms still straight. Continue to pull back till the shoulder blades contract. Finally, return slowly to the starting position.

The flying exercise

Hold the band in both hands behind the back. Stretch the arms straight out with palms showing. Ensure the movement is at chest height only. Now bring the hands together in front of your chest, like a bird moving its wings.

Arms have to be in a fully extended position while elbows should be up through the move. Also, squeeze the chest muscles as you press. Finally, return slowly to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise 12 to 15 times to strengthen the arms, upper body, and chest.

Squat and overhead press

Keep the feet wider apart than the shoulder’s width. Stand on the resistance band with both feet. Now, bend elbows to bring hands to shoulder length and hold the band with palms facing up.
Dropdown into the squat position and push back up with full arm extension. Raise the resistance band over the head as you stand up. Now slowly lower yourself into another squat.

Seated leg curl

It is one of the most reliable moves to build-up hamstring strength. The seated leg curl is best suitable for power-lifters to get strong back legs. It is one of those resistance band exercises that need a bench and a stable, sturdy pole. Sit on the corner of the bench and wrap the band around the Achilles region of the heels.

Make sure you keep the other end of the band fixed to the pole. Take your arms behind and clasp the bench corners with the hands for support. Now, move the feet forward and backward in a nice, smooth way. Relax, and ensure that the knees co-operate in this easy, seamless movement.

So, put on your exercise music, and start stretching.

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