Traditional From Around The Globe

Cakes From Around The Globe

Most of the time, we all eat buttercream or fondant cakes in different flavours. These are yummy beauties that we can’t imagine our life without. But, Did you know that there are more varieties of cakes than these buttercream and fondant ones? Yes, cakes from around the globe are relished in different ways, forms, and baked with different ingredients, making all of them unique and tasty to relish. 

So, here we bring you traditional cakes from around the globe that we are sure will leave you drooling and craving for a bite. 

  1. Galette Des Rois (France): France is popular for many things, and one of them is food. French cake, The Galette Des Rois, meaning King’s Cake in English is a layered, buttery puff pastry. It is topped with powdered sugar with whipped almond cream. It is baked until the outer layer acquires a toasted look. Traditionally, it was eaten after Christmas in the first week of January, but now it is being made available whole throughout the year. So, this could be your chance to eat the famous French Galette Des Rois. 
  2. Black Forest Cake (Germany): Who hasn’t heard or eaten a black forest cake? This edible paradise is a blessing from the South East of Germany where it is a traditional cake. The cake is baked from several chocolate cake layers soaked in cherry liqueur syrup, whipped cream with chocolate shavings and cherries on top. The Swedish version of Black Forest cake also exists. However, it is different from the original one made from meringue and whipped cream. The Black Forest is available on all the online bakeries. Avail online cake delivery in Hyderabad of black forest cake easily. 
  3. Revani (Turkey/Greece): Revan is a moist Semolina cake with a hint of lemon in it. The orange syrup is the main ingredient used in baking this cake so that it remains moist, smooth and tasty. It is common in both Greece and Turkey cuisines. 
  4. Baklava (Turkey/Greece): Another sweet dish from the Middle Eastern land. It is believed to have originated in either Turkey or Greece. It is a layered crispy dough loaded with dry fruits held together with honey and sweet syrup. A lot of variations of Baklava in terms of shape, fillings, mixtures, and presentation can now be seen and eaten.
  5. Mochi (Japan): A traditional Japanese cake baked and eaten on New Year’s eve. The cake is baked with rice paste. The cake is also served with ice-cream scoops and soups throughout the year now. Rice pasta can be combined with a lot of ingredients and can be given any shape; hence unlimited varieties of Mochi cake are now available. 
  6. Mawa Cake (India): If as an Indian, you haven’t eaten a Mawa cake. Are you really a proud Indian? Mawa cakes are an Indian speciality popular worldwide. Mawa is basically solidified milk loaded with almonds and cashews with the aroma and taste of cardamom powder. The cake is especially popular in Mumbai. It is one of the favourite treats of the Mumbaikars. 
  7. Tres Leches Cake (Mexico): Nowadays, Tres Leches cakes are quite popular. These are available with some of the reputed online bakeries. It’s a moist, milk-based sponge cake with milk, condensed, and butter topped with whipped cream and meringue. Strawberries and mint leaves are used as flavourful toppings. 
  8. Breudher Cake (Sri Lanka): Easter cake layered with brandy-soaked raisins and flavoured blood oranges. It is served plain, powdered sugar, or glazed with icing and fondant figurines. The texture is similar to brioche. 
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Which cakes from around the globe would you pick to satiate your sweet cravings? 

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