Tree Trimming 101: How to Prune Trees This Summer 2020

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How can you actually make your backyard or garden more beautiful on the outside? Sure, gardening is always an option but what about those trees standing tall and looking miserable in their unkempt condition? You better do something about it before it turns your yard giving it look of a haunted house. You have to trim trees properly so that the tree itself can spurt grow. Trees are like hair (only hair fall is insane) they need proper nourishment and care to look healthy.

So if you got any trees in your yard you better get your cutting shears and saw ready. Get your yard ready for the new season.

Tree care tips are a blessing in disguise

You have to take off the trees like you take care of everything else. The first cardinal rule of tree trimming is to make sure you are careful with the trimming and pruning otherwise you can easily ruin it if you miss out on the memo.

· Decide the limb

If you are thinking to give a desired shape to the tree and give its shape a little extra bust, do remember which limb to cut foremost. It may sound cruel to your ears, but trust this, you need to achieve your goals of shaping a tree, and you better start it on a seasonal basis. Cutting a branch or a smaller limb from the bottom is the easier way to prune. Once you decide which limb you want to keep you can start the action.

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· Take care of the timing

Time is of the essence, so make sure you trim the trees after the initial planting and the surrounding area in the yard are not brimming with the spring flowers and such. Perhaps, the most favorable time to prune a tree may be right at the start of the season (either summer or winter) or if still unsure why not hire professional services like Tree Trimming Westminster CO, having years of experience. This might be the ultimate solution for you.

· Look for damaged branches

Give or take, this is the most ethical thing to do. You need to assess the tree before cutting the unwanted branches. Whether a limb is damaged due to a storm or some other external reason, you need to redistribute the healthy branches by cutting the damaged ones. This is a high maintenance approach to be conducted at seasonal intervals as in every season growth and damages of the trees are different. So, it’s better to keep an eye on the tree services required to beautify the home damaged by the seasonal intervenes.

· Avoid balding the tree

Do not compromise the natural look of the tree. Tree pruning is important to avoid insect infestation or a potential fungus but measure the probability of up to 25% only. Avoid the mistake of leaving the trunk behind standing in solitary, it needs a company with short and long limbs too. And do not forget to divide pruning according to seasons (one time is more than enough).

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Keep your tree healthy

Make your home a living standard but make your yard prettier than the insides of your home by dedicating an effort towards tree pruning at the right time and with proper care.

                                                       Keep it green, keep it alive.

Author’s bio

Anderson is a retired botany professor. In his free time, he loved to have ice tea while spending time outside, in the yard. His passion for gardening didn’t diminish despite the age, he had learned a lot of yard maintenance and helped people to take care of their yards in a DIY style.


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