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Treehouse – Various types and Fascinating Designs



Treehouse- Isn’t it an interesting topic to talk about? Indeed it is a fascinating subject to discuss. We all at least once in our life might have fantasized to spend our time in a beautiful treehouse. From the fancy movies that we watch, the adventure stories that we read may come across a picturesque treehouse. So there is always a deep desire within ourselves to be associated with a treehouse in some or the other way. If you are planning to build a treehouse or looking forward to a treehouse stay in your travel then this article will help you.

Concept of Treehouse

The concept and development of treehouse is not a new idea. Since the prehistoric period, our ancestors have used these types of abodes. Primarily, at the very initial stage, it was intended to protect people from wild animals. Later on among the indigenous people, it was widely built. Now looking at the modern context, the purpose and dimensions of treehouse had drastically changed. Unlike the earlier purpose of its build, now it has become a trend and style. Apart from the ecological importance of treehouses, it is associated with modern tourism and camps to attract visitors.

Different types

Nowadays, treehouses are primarily built with keeping some ideas in mind. It can be meant to build for children for gaming purposes, rest house use, proper functioning home, and so on. Essentially based on the variations of its making, treehouses can be divided into different types. Let us have a look into the few varieties of treehouses.

Treehouses on trunk

It is the ideal image that comes in our mind when we think of a treehouse. The whole support of the house is on the tree and in its branches. However, it is a basic type of treehouse that is commonly seen. Also, the general outlook of this variety is an archetype.



Furthermore, the trunks and branches of the trees should be cleverly incorporated within the space of the house. This variety consists of single and multi-storeyed treehouses that consists of different rooms and cabins. All together it creates a perfect home ambiance to stay in. The total base of the house rests on branches consisting of different levels of ladders or wonky stairways creates an adventurous feel. If you are looking for a thriller stay in a treehouse this trunk type will be a perfect option. Moreover, for a fairy-tale feel, it is best to choose this type of natural-feeling treehouse.

Treehouses suspended from branches

It is another treehouse variety developed in recent times. Also known as tree tents. It is different from the ideal treehouse image that we have in our minds. The first variety of such treehouses was built at a secret campsite in the UK. But nowadays it is commonly seen in many places. Generally, materials made out of plywood, aluminum, wool, and canvas are used in making of tree tents.


Besides, the other striking variety that hangs among boughs and branches is somewhere between a tent and a hammock made by tentsile. For making, it requires three anchor points in the tree in which straps can get attached for pitching. This is a kind of movable treehouse. We can’t expect the comfort that gets in a typical treehouses model.

Forest floor types


Can we consider a floor type variety as a treehouse? It is a common doubt that arises in everyone’s mind. While a treehouse, by its nature supposed to be elevated. But we need to understand that, this variety of treehouses is not a new concept. Indeed it became popular in the last few years. A forest floor type has all the potential out that of a treehouse experience. The only main difference is the height, apart from that it is of the best choice that you can have. Especially for the people who have Acrophobia (fear of heights). For them this will be a perfect selection.

Treehouses of Stilts


Can you imagine a treehouse without the support of a tree? We consider a treehouse as its self-supporting and built its branches. Nevertheless, many of today’s glamping treehouses are built in this way. The popularity and the increasing demand for the treehouses resulted in stilts variety. However, the houses built in this way provides the same merits of the traditional way of a treehouse. Indeed, it has the same elevation and gives the same spectacular views. Moreover, such stilts types are situated among the trees or an edge of the woodland that offer you a wonderful experience. Even though the stilts are artificially made, timber is used in construction and adds naturalist to the stilts model treehouses.

Kids Treehouse

There is a large increase in the popularity of treehouses in the last few years. Indeed, it resulted in the adaption of treehouses in normal life. The kid’s treehouse is a result of such acceptance and incorporation. However, this type of treehouses is primarily intended designed for children’s play purposes. Unlike the other treehouses, it is made artificially too.


Moreover, many alterations are made in kids’ treehouses. The elevation of the kid’s treehouses is comparatively less. Along with that the interior designs and works are kept simple. It acts like a PlayStation for the kids and that is the main functionality of such treehouses.

Other Creative treehouse designs

Glamping played a key role in making a variety of treehouses. Many times we have been wondered and delighted to see such beautiful imaginative  designs. Moreover, the designs that we have fantasized once is an in turn reality now. Across the globe, there are splendid inventive treehouses, which are simply architectural wonders.

Recent Trends

If we observe closely, we can see constant changes in every field. Concepts and ideas are bound to change. It is interesting to see the recent trends happenings in the notion of treehouses. Let us dig more into major highlights and trends taking place in the area of treehouses.

  • Treehouse and tourism

The adventurous and delightful feeling that it gives is the reason that it is associated with tourism. Globally, millions of people across the globe travel as tourists. Moreover, governments and authorities encourage tourism as it enhances the country’s financial growth through taxes and revenues.

However, as part of improving tourism and attracting tourists many fascinating ideas are incorporated into it. Undoubtedly,  the use of treehouses in tourist spots attracts tourism. Moreover, Treehouses gives you the best treat in your travel.

Treehouse resorts: In high altitude tourist places and heritage spots treehouse resorts are commonly seen. These are made with timber, bamboo, and hay. If you are looking for different experience, then your accommodation in treehouse resorts will unquestionably guarantee you a amazing experience.




Treehouse retreats: Nowadays retreat camps are also organized in treetops. It may include rejuvenation programs, Ayurvedic, and herbal treatment etc. To get classic ambiance and attention treehouses are basically used as retreat camps.


The wait is over, once a fantasized desire can be easily fulfilled now. If you haven’t experienced a treehouse stay then don’t wait for long. Next time when you plan a trip or choose a camp make sure that you book a treehouse resort in your accommodation option. Also, you can build own your treehouse if you wish to. The construction can be easily made by modern architectural technologies.  However, don’t hold back for too long, its now time to experience it.

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