Types Of Problems That May Need Automatic Garage Door Repairs

automatic garage door repairs

People make garage in their homes to park their vehicles, close and lock the door so that unauthorized persons cannot access their assets. People like to have an automatic garage door, which can be opened and closed with the help of a remote. These doors are more secured in comparison to normal ones. Many types of problems may occur in the doors and automatic garage door repairs are needed so that the door can function easily and smoothly.

Problems That Can Occur in Automatic Garage Doors

Here are some of the problems that can occur in automatic garage doors:

  1. The door closes partially: A light is attached to the door when opened, and if it is seen blinking repeatedly, it is a problem related to the sensors. The light may blink because sensors are not working properly or are blocked. There are two sensors attached to the door and they are installed above six inches from the floor. The solution to the problem is that sensors should be aligned properly. Cables can also be broken which may lead to lights not working properly. In such a case, cable or its pulley has to be replaced. You have to go for automatic garage door repairs in such a scenario.
  2. The door has been jammed: The door can be jammed while being closed or opened and moving it is not possible. This can happen due to a broken cable. Another cause can be the problem in the pulley, which may have been damaged or not connected properly. Calling professionals who can conduct automatic garage door repairs is the only option then.
  3. The speed of door opening and closing is slow: This problem occurs when the spring is broken or worn out. In such a case, the spring needs to be replaced.

    automatic garage door repairs

    automatic garage door repairs

  4. The door makes a sound while opening or closing: If the door is making strange sound while opening or closing, there are chances that rollers may have a problem. They may have been worn out and replacement may be needed. Lubricating the rollers or bearings can also resolve the problem of making a sound. Problems in cables can also be the cause of such sound and repair or replacement of the cables may be needed. Go for automatic garage door repairs in such a critical situation.
  5. Impossible to open or close the door: If the door is not opening or closing at all, there may be a problem in the batteries, which may need to be replaced. If the replacement of batteries does not work, then there can be a problem in the keypad or the programming of opening and closing the door. In such a case, a professional should be called to resolve the issue.
  6. The door opens and closes automatically: This kind of problem occurs rarely. People need to check the problem in the circuit, which may be the cause of the problem. Remote batteries and interference in radio signals can also be the cause of this problem. People need to call an automatic garage door repairs professional to repair the door and resolve the problem.​
  7. Maintenance and repair of garage door: Here are some of the tips that people can follow in order to repair and maintain the garage doors:
  • Metal doors are better options, as they have a long life in comparison to wooden doors. However, proper maintenance is needed, as metal doors can wear out with time.
  • The inspection of the garage door should be done at least once a year. This will help to check the damages and repair them in time.
  • Wooden doors should be painted, and inspection of other parts should also be done in a year or two.
  • A door made with any type of material should be protected from water and moisture.
  • Various parts of the door should be lubricated at regular intervals for smooth functioning.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the problems and solutions related to the automatic garage doors. Proper maintenance and timely automatic garage door repairs will increase their life.

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