Unique Cakes you can Gift on a Romantic Occasions

Cakes are special and they are the important delicious savory that is present on every occasion. The popularity of the cakes is gained by their heavenly taste that is hard to resist. On special days like birthdays or anniversary or valentine’s day send romantic cake online to make their day happier. Here are some of the unique cakes to gift on romantic occasions:

1.Eggless Cakes

The trend of eggless cakes is increasing in the present day, sue to many reasons and people started preferring these as their first option. Thus, there are a huge number of eggless cakes in various flavors as well as taste are being available. They are no less in taste when compared to cakes that are baked with eggs. Even eggless cakes are too soft in a similar way to that which contain eggs and offer a lip-smacking taste that always prefers to have an extra piece. When the eggless cakes are decorated with whipped cream and fruits, then its highly difficult to guess which is the eggless version.

2.Photograph Cakes

One of another trending popular cake that is appearing on special occasions like marriages, receptions or anniversary or birthdays, photograph cakes takes the first position. This will be one of the romantic gifts for lovers, where the cake consists of edible print of the person. These cakes will have a special position and also they reflect the love as well as affection between two people. These cakes will be delicious and tasty similar to that of the regular cakes, but the only thing is that they are a little expensive, however, the result will worth the amount spent on it. So, pick the best image from your collection and give it to the cake company.

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3.Tier Cake

Tier cakes are special in-ring ceremonies and receptions, they have their own fame and popularity. Even weddings are becoming special with the tiered cake appearing on the occasion, in attractive colors with flowers, leaves or some special creations. According to one’s own wish, the tiers can be decided they range from two-tier to five-tier or more. These cakes make the celebrations even more grand with their appearance at weddings. So, why waiting for order gifts delivery for the special occasion with different flavors in different layers, to make the occasion an outstanding moment. Definitely these cakes will awe the recipients and these are the ideal choice for weddings.

4.Designer cakes

Designer cakes are on full swing these days because no one shows interest in a cake that is just coated with icing cream. Instead, the popularity appears for the designer cakes where they come in attractive designs that come with fruits, chocolate wafers, truffles, nuts, flowers and much more. There is a huge number of designs and styles basing the occasions and the events. Fondant icing is another best pick that will offer many more styles and designs to create to make the designer cake look more attractive in the occasion. These designer cakes will be one of the best love gifts for girlfriends.

5. Kitkat and Gems cake

Kitkat and gems cake is another attractive cake to gift on the birthdays of special ones. These delicious cakes surrounded by kitkats make it to appear like a chocolate wall surrounding the cake. The gems with various colors topped on the cake make it look more attractive. These cakes give KitKat gems flavor that is delicious to taste as well as in the appearance where every layer is filled in chocolate. So, this can be one of the wonderful and unique gifts for girlfriend on special occasions.

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6. Love Heart shape cake

Love heart shape cakes will be so special and unique on the birthdays or anniversary celebrations when they are gifted to the dear ones. So, pick the best black forest cake in the heart-shaped which will defiantly add some memories, making it a special gift.

7. Simple Cake

Simple cakes are for people who like to be simple and beautiful. So, to gift an elegant cake for a special person simple cakes are the best choice. They come in various designs and flavors, thus select the best one according to the choice of your loved ones and gift on their special day.

The above are some of the unique cakes to gift on romantic occasions, so pick the best to make the occasion more memorable.


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