Valley of Flowers Trek – The Trek for fragrance Lovers

No words can depict the excellence of the Valley of Flowers. The Valley of Flowers is loaded up with fun, harmony, and fervor. The excellence of the spot is tranquil and has the ability to hypnotize its guests. The magnificence of Valley of Flowers can not be articulated down, it must be felt with your own eyes. The spot is a mind-blowing shrouded diamond in the territory of Uttarakhand. In the event that you search for isolation and totally disappointed with your city’s hustle-clamor, Valley of Flowers will illuminate your soul and fill your spirit with the enchantment of vivid flowers, outside air, and tranquility. 


Best Time to Visit 


The uncommon thing about the Valley of Flowers is that it is open for guests whenever of the year. Every year a huge number of travelers book the spot from different booking organizations and visit the spot. For mountain sweethearts and harmony discoverer, whenever of the year is the best time to visit the spot, yet for a normal individual, the valley of flowers can be visited in the primary seven day stretch of June to the most recent seven day stretch of October. In the rainstorm season and in winters because of extraordinary cold and substantial snowfall valley stays shut. It is the national park region so timings of opening and shutting are fixed. If it’s not too much trouble note that staying or outdoors can’t here. 


Step by step instructions to Reach At Valley of Flowers – 


This radiant spot is arranged in the Chamoli area of the Indian territory of Uttarakhand. The Chamoli is known for its immaculate characteristic excellence. From here, you can see green timberland valleys and Himalayan pinnacles. There are a few different ways to arrive at the beginning stage, which is the Govind Ghat base camp. 


By Road-

To reach Govind Ghat base camp you have to get to Haridwar first which is unequivocally associated with all close by significant urban communities like Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow. To reach the Haridwar government just as private transports are accessible. 


Via Air-

The closest household air terminal to Govind Ghat base camp is Jolly Grant air terminal is 20 km away from Haridwar. This air terminal is very much associated with every significant air terminal and unequivocally associated with Delhi via air. 


Via Train: 

Haridwar railroad station is one of the significant railroad stations of Uttarakhand and is the closest rail line station to get to Govind Ghat base camp. It is very much associated with all significant train courses in India. 


Things to Carry For Trekking at Valley of Flowers 


Visiting the Valley of Flowers is a superb decision that one can make. Be that as it may, you can not simply get your handbag and leave. You have to convey some fundamental things with you to make the excursion simpler. These things are- 


Sunscreen Lotion, UV Protected Sunglasses., waterproof shell and umbrella 


A decent quality knapsack 


Lip Balm, monkey top, cap 


Trekking post 


Pair of good quality trekking shoes 


Trekking gears like a hiking bed, tent, and bedding 


Camera with additional memory cards and batteries 


Driven FlashLight with additional batteries 


Individual toiletries 


Woolen Clothes 




Id evidence 


Littler sack for conveying wet garments, squander, water containers and bites 


Plastic sacks or trash 


Medical aid Kit 


General Medicines for Flu and Cold 




A few Tips 


In the event that you intend to visit the Valley of Flowers, you have to keep barely any things in your brain, which are- 


Try not to litter to a great extent. keep your environment green and clean. Rather than tossing the loss to a great extent, keep it in a plastic pack and toss it at a suitable spot. 


Try not to cull flowers. In the event that you have not planted them, you reserve no privilege to cull and toss them. 


Pack light like a genius. At the point when you travel with a lightweight, it makes strolling easily with no strain. 


Counsel your doctor before you attempt this trek. Convey all your important meds with you alongside fundamental prescriptions that are required for mountain ailment, movement affliction, tension, and other potential circumstances. 


Utilization of Alcohol, Drugs and other harmful substances can’t. Additionally, abstain from smoking. Keep your body hydrated all through the excursion. 


If it’s not too much trouble dealing with your own baggage. On the off chance that conceivable lock your knapsack during the outing. 


Convey comfortable garments independent of seasons. Like the climate, there isn’t consistent. 


Continuously convey some go-to tidbits to crunch upon like vitality bars, protein bars, and different bites to fuel your vitality. 


Individuals with any sort of physical afflictions are prompted not to come on the trek.

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