Why should athletes visit a sports podiatrist Melbourne?


Sports podiatry is an interesting field that treats the disorders of professional athletes. A sports podiatrist Melbourne treats and identifies the biomechanical issues that will lead to injuries or decreased performance of the sports athletes, for example, foot and ankle injuries. They are experts in foot-related issues including injuries to ligament, muscles, tendon, joint, and several other types of injuries and diseases. Here is the brief explanation about who the sports podiatrist Melbourne is and why athletes should visit them:

Who Is The Sports Podiatrist?



A sports medicine doctor or sports podiatrist is a certified and trained individual who focuses on the treatment, diagnosis, prevention of injuries related to athletic activities.

These experts treat their patients with physiotherapy, massage therapy, orthopedic surgery, exercises, and other techniques so that they can return to their normal routine safely, quickly and successfully. They also guide their athletes on which nutrition to be taken, which will enhance their sports performance and achieve a high level of fitness.

Better Treatment Of Muscle Or Joint Injuries In The Foot:

When athletes suffer a foot or lower leg injury they should visit a podiatrist immediately to receive appropriate treatment and advice. The sports podiatrists melbourne will determine the reason behind the injury and any previous injuries and the level of activity before the injury occurs. A thorough checkup will be conducted on the injury site including the range of motion studies, muscle joint testing, ultrasound/MRI//x-ray referral and strength tests to determine a diagnosis.

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A complete biomedical test will be conducted of the patient walking or running will be then carried out to configure any issues with knee/foot or hip that may be causing or leading to the condition. Video analysis is done to identify any biomechanical issues and to briefly explain the patient and other doctors about the present health condition.

Personalized Care:

The sports podiatrists melbourne are professionally trained healthcare specialists who have a deep understanding of the effects of exercises on various parts of a human body. They can team up with physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons to build a personalized treatment plan for their patients.

Prevention Of Injury:

Expert advises can be provided to avoid the injuries from happening during the match practice or while playing a match. The sports podiatrist melbourne also provides information about how to reduce the chances of resurfacing the previous injury. Multiple fitness tests are conducted before selecting an athlete in a team, to determine whether they are fit enough to resume the sports activities.




For an athlete recovery from the injury is a lengthy and complicated process. If you find yourself confined by an injury, a sports podiatrist melbourne will help you to recover from this phase, restoring your movement and function and return to the same or optimal level of fitness rapidly.

Tips Provided By Sports Podiatrist:

The sports podiatrist advises you to select proper shoes that you will wear during the practice or while playing a game. Different athletes might need different shoes according to the sports they are playing. The doctors advise their patients to wear comfortable shoes to prevent any sort of foot injuries.

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Improving Confidence:

Different types of injuries have occurred to athletes during their sporting career, and while tackling and fighting the injuries athletes become self-conscious. Sports podiatrists will identify the specific need of the athletes, thus helping them to gain confidence and enjoy their game to the fullest.

These are the few reasons why athletes should visit sports podiatrist at Melbourne if suffering from an injury or pain. Personalized care and effective treatments are given to athletes. Essential tips and precaution majors to prevent an injury are provided, so a major injury can be avoided.

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