VSAT Internet Services: Ideal Solution for Global Connectivity over Satellites!

As many businesses and organizations expand in their horizons with time, the need for better internet connectivity with VSAT technology rises too. This technology is known for the secure transmission of data and information through band signals (KU and C band). People are looking VSAT as a better prospect over DSL and modem connections, where it is easy for transmission of broadband and narrow-band data to boost the service as the internet via satellite, internet via fiber, VoIP, and others. It’s all thanks to the features of VSAT that include flexibility, rapid deployment, and low costs in-band signals coverage. There is no denying that the benefits of VSAT technology are being realized in many sectors, both private and public. From banks to administrations, schools, hospitals, and rural telecommunications- VSATs are being seized upon to elevate economic, educational, and health standards.

To keep count VSAT technology with high-speed internet connections, you can trust the professional partner of Vizocom! Based in Iraq and the USA, they are known for their active services of VSAT in the Middle-East and Africa! With over ten years of quality experience, satellite internet, cybersecurity, and ICT services-many businesses have considered Vizocom as the ‘best partner in 2020’ for helping different industries and enterprises with high-speed internet via VSAT technology. The belief of Vizocom in VSAT technology is due to its full efficient team to handle any of the critical issues of network interference resulting in bad error. We as satellite internet professional believe that VSATs is a mature and proven technology to boost internet services. Countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and the USA are among the top-level countries taking the compelling benefits of VSAT technology in helping businesses with quality internet.

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Why Are Businesses Favoring VSAT Services over DSL and Modem Connections?


If your businesses is located in a remote or rural location that does not have access of the DSL or cable connections, then VSAT technology is what you need! The best part of using the VSAT technology is that it takes into account the VSAT signals (band signals), whereby the satellite dish you will surely receive data from orbiting stations in space in the form of radio frequencies, which are then translated to Internet signals by a modem in your office.

The best part of VSAT internet is the two-way communication system connecting users to different satellites for reliability and flexibility in data. With people’s trust in services over 20 years, you can put these services on top of your list as there have always been helpful to get your tasks completed from minutes to seconds. Also, VSAT technology standards are straightforward to integrate with other technologies based on wireless and wired systems.

Which Band Signals is Necessary for Easy Transmission of Data through VSAT?

C Band

Getting into the core of the satellites, it is somewhere necessary to incorporate C-band signals! It is most often used for voice and data communications with options of the better flow of data from one system to another. Somewhere, because of its weaker power- it requires a larger antenna compared to Ku-band, usually 2.4m for maritime use. However, due to the lower frequency range, it performs better under adverse weather conditions on the ground. There is no denying that C-band is typically more focused on helping businesses with ‘Global’ coverage with more than 20 satellites to cover the core urban & remote areas!

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KU Band

Ku-band is typically used for consumer direct-to-home access, distance learning applications, retail, and enterprise connectivity in addition to maritime. The antenna sizes are much smaller than C-band because the higher frequency means that higher gain can be achieved with smaller antenna sizes.

Final Thoughts

Hence, a VSAT internet service is one of the most trusted options for both rural and urban areas to receive better and quality internet services. Powered by a two-way communication system helping both satellite and individuals, VSAT technology is the one you can surely rely upon preventing your communication from network interference. We as Vizocom are working on all quality measures to help businesses with active service of satellite internet in the Middle-East, Africa, and others. Today, you can count our services of satellite internet powered by VSAT signals, as we are trying to incorporate signals from’ 29 satellites’, so businesses can remain can receive high-speed internet connectivity!


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